Cyber Security


Continuous Vulnerability Management and Remediation for Businesses.


CYDEFENCE is a Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service that examines your IT systems to identify security weaknesses that can leave an organisation exposed and vulnerable to a cyber-threat.

Vulnerability scanning is completed by a highly specialised software tool that interrogates IT systems to collect data which is then compared to a database of known flaws or vulnerabilities.


Managed Vulnerability Scanning is a fundamental component of any security testing programme for identifying existing or new vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations across your systems.

Failing to understand and remediate the vulnerabilities you have within your environment could present an attacker the opportunity they need to gain access to your systems. We use robust automated detection engines to provide ongoing monitoring to detect and report emerging threats. See beyond your existing vulnerabilities 24/7/365.

Why CIS Cyber?

Computing Information Systems has a cyber security division that offers comprehensive information security services.

Our team is comprised of security experts experienced in offensive and defensive operations, allowing us to provide quality information security services. We ensure your organisation is successful with achieving its security goals and remaining one step ahead of malicious adversaries.



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