Cyber Security Services

Security solutions against potential threats.

Protect your IT environment to ensure business continues

Every week there is another headline about a compromised organisation losing data or being hacked, ensure you stay out of the headlines!

Cyber Security is no longer an addition to IT services but must be considered essential to the smooth day-to-day running of an organisation. All layers of IT delivery must be considered and risks minimised to ensure access to an organisations data and services is limited to only those intended to have it.

Whether your organisation is looking to augment its security testing program or is just getting started, Computing Information Systems’ Cyber Division has a comprehensive range of services to help paint the full picture of your security landscape.

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We are delighted to be working with CIS, the project is already looking well organised and innovative. CIS delivers a prompt professional service with trusted knowledge we can rely on at all times.

John Story, Head of IT, St. Pauls Cathedral

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