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Network Firewall

Monitoring and Identifying Cyber Threats for Businesses.

Stop malicious activity in it's tracks

In their simplest form Network Firewalls control the IT traffic flow from one computer network to another.

Typically, this will mean putting a firewall between an organisations Internet connection and their Local Area Network (LAN) to ensure malicious actors on the Internet cannot access an organisation’s data or IT services.

Protecting an organisations critical IT assets must be the first consideration when implementing a network security solution, however, as the IT estate has become less defined over the years with more remote working the Network Firewall has had to evolve. This evolution has led to the Network Firewall becoming a highly sophisticated gatekeeper for organisations to allow productive staff to work from where they wish when they wish whilst maintaining good security practices to protect against those who would wish to harm an organisation.

Sophisticated functionality and protection

Next-generation firewalls (NGFW) provide more than a relatively simple rule base governing the flow of traffic between networks and now form a crucial part of any organisation’s IT security defences. As security threats have become more sophisticated so have the defences to mitigate them.

CIS provide NGFWs that builds upon the traditional functions of a Network Firewall to include many new functions designed to protect organisations in the 21st century. This includes functionality such as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), looking at the complete contents of network traffic to prevent the spread of malware or preventing users uploading data from within a corporate network that they shouldn’t, Web Protection to ensure hijacked or malicious websites get a foothold within a corporate device and sandboxing technology to ensure files transferred through the perimeter of a network aren’t malicious in nature to name a few.

Why CIS?

We have over 30 years of supplying IT and electronic systems, right from the nuts and bolts to sophisticated servers, networks, software and IT infrastructure.

We understand how to dig into what is possible and ensure that the best possible cover is made with what is already available, and recommend upgrades if there are areas of weakness.

We get IT – fundamentally at the basic level.  But we also understand business, management and the need for modern approaches to reduce risk and potential fines, costs and reputational damage from not securing the electronic business assets of a company.



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