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What systems can I scan with your CYDEFENCE internal scanner?

Generally, when it comes to identifying and fixing vulnerabilities on your internal network, there are two competing (but not mutually exclusive) approaches: network-based internal vulnerability scanning and agent-based internal vulnerability scanning. Our CYDEFENCE internal scanner uses an agent that you need to install onto each device that you wish to scan. You can scan anything supporting Windows, Linux or MacOS operating systems.

  • What is network-based scanning?
    Network-based internal vulnerability scanning is the more traditional approach, running internal network scans on a box known as a scanning ‘appliance’ that sits on your infrastructure (or more recently, on a Virtual Machine in your internal cloud).
  • What is agent-based scanning?
    Agent-based internal vulnerability scanning is considered the more modern approach, running ‘agents’ on your devices that report back to a central server. 


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