Cyber Security


Managed Cyber Security Assessment Service for Businesses.

What is CYCHECK?

CYCHECK is a bespoke Cyber Security Assessment Service.
A cyber security risk assessment is an essential part of any organisation’s strategic risk management and mitigation strategy. We can check and measure your current Cyber Security protections and compare it to established security benchmarks applicable to your business sector.

Our CYCHECK Cyber Tools will allow you to build a budgeted plan and roadmap with timescales to put in place cost effective cyber defences that give peace of mind to the business stakeholders, clients and industry partners.


CYCHECK tools and consultancy help establish where your business cyber risks are, what the impact and cost might be. With the help of our expert qualified consultants we are able to help plan, budget and assist implement appropriate cyber security systems to meet industry recognised benchmarks.

CYCHECK allows your organisation to reach its full potential, let your team and customers work with you with confidence based on recognised cyber standards.

Why CIS Cyber?

Computing Information Systems has a cyber security division that offers comprehensive information security services.

Our team is comprised of security experts experienced in offensive and defensive operations, allowing us to provide quality information security services. We ensure your organisation is successful with achieving its security goals and remaining one step ahead of malicious adversaries.



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