Cyber Security


Automated Network Penetration Testing for Businesses.


CYATTACK is an automated network penetration test platform that combines the knowledge, methodology, processes, and toolsets into a single, deployable platform for organisations of all sizes.

CYATTACK allows organisations to perform a penetration test within their environment at any given time, satisfying both compliance requirements as well as meeting security best practices. This platform is developed and maintained by Computing Information Systems
Cyber Division and is based on a framework that continuously improves over time.


Traditionally, organisations have to face several challenges when seeking a penetration test, including availability, experience and background, as well as low quality deliverables that fail to effectively communicate the critical issues and remediation strategies that organisations need to adhere to in order to reduce their overall cyber risk.

Through several years of experience, certifications, industry contributions including numerous tools, CYATTACK solves a critical need for organisations in an ever-changing threat landscape.

Why CIS Cyber?

Computing Information Systems has a cyber security division that offers comprehensive information security services.

Our team is comprised of security experts experienced in offensive and defensive operations, allowing us to provide quality information security services. We ensure your organisation is successful with achieving its security goals and remaining one step ahead of malicious adversaries.



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