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What Does CYDEFENCE Check For?

CYDEFENCE Internal scans check for similar types of issues as our external scans, but can do so from a trusted position on the device, gathering even more data to help secure your systems.

  • Common mistakes & configuration weaknesses
    Even the most secure software can often be configured in an insecure way. Simple mistakes such as leaving default passwords, not enabling encryption or other security settings. CYDEFENCE has thousands of checks for these kinds of mistakes, making sure all your business sensitive systems are hardened as much as they need to be.‍
  • Missing patches
    Patch management is a fundamental part of keeping your digital estate secure, as missing patches can quickly be detected and exploited by attackers.
    CYDEFENCE’s internal security scans can detect insecure versions of many thousands of software components and frameworks, from web servers to operating systems and network devices.
  • Encryption weaknesses
    It is common to find that services which are capable of secure encryption, have either not been configured, or mistakenly configured to be less secure.
    CYDEFENCE has checks for all the latest known encryption weaknesses, some of which include: Heartbleed, SSL/TLS weaknesses, and VPN encryption weaknesses.


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