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CIS has a proven track record of supporting organisations of all sizes through their IT needs.

CIS’ team of experts are on hand to provide the support you need when you need it. CIS engineers have a range of skills throughout the team ensuring there is always someone who can resolve your issue.

As part of the solutions we provide at CIS, we offer managed and streamlined IT support when your company needs it most. Keep your business running securely, safe in the knowledge any potential technical or IT issues can be addressed promptly with our experienced team. With fast response times, unlimited IT support and 24/7 monitoring, we’ll pick up IT issues or respond to problems you find in a timely manner so you can focus on your business. 


Nobody likes to be slowed down by their network or hardware. With remote IT support available internationally, our team can remotely control your device and help find the root cause of the problem wherever you are in the world.


From outsourced IT support to in-depth IT audits, the team at CIS can provide expert advice and in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in IT architecture. We can build, develop and deliver an IT system that delivers consistent, dependable and measurable performance for all business users.


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Managed IT Support Services


From comprehensive IT audits and troubleshooting to IT training and additional support, CIS have a breadth of skills to help push your business forward. Optimise your existing IT system for maximum performance and return of investment with the help of CIS Ltd. 


Our IT consultancy services include IT project management consultancy to help your business maximise existing IT systems to help your business get results. Our team will work with you to provide guidance, advice and strategic planning to help you implement and deliver an IT system that’s streamlined to your business model and in line with expectations. Our experts are with you every step of the way, from initial planning to practical implementation. 


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Managed IT support

If you can’t afford or manage in house IT support, then our managed outsourced IT support can provide your business with on-hand technical IT support that can be managed in a fast timeframe to fix an error or find a suitable solution. CIS managed IT support is a cheaper, more sustainable solution for businesses that need 24/7 monitoring and technical IT knowledge but don’t have the budget. 



Delivering expert advice and guidance to help you streamline your business IT systems. We will work with you to deliver a reliable IT solution that meets your expectations and objectives. We focus on efficiency, innovation and cost savings to give our customers the edge over their competition.


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Architecture, Design and Implementation 

Our expert team will work to create secure and scalable IT data networks and systems that deliver consistent performance. Our processes ensure any security weaknesses are identified, addressed and mitigated for a consistent and coherent IT system. With both software and hardware design considered, our systems are built to integrate with existing systems to meet specific business requirements.  

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IT Training 

Get your team up to date on how best to use your IT system. Minimise delays and improve efficiency and productivity with IT training. From one-on-one training sessions to group training for Office 365 essential skills, our IT Training services can help train your team to be competent and knowledgeable with your businesses IT systems. 


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IT Audits 

Our comprehensive IT Audits assess and evaluate all areas of your existing IT systems to help identify security weaknesses, address existing errors, and streamline internal systems. With an efficient, reliable and universal system, your business can build a high standard of workflow, delivering better results to your clients and customers. Help your business reach its potential; it all starts from within. 

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I am very impressed with the service provided by the team at CIS. They deal with issues in such a professional and efficient manner, I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending CIS to anyone requiring computer assistance for their business.

Alison Smallwood, Finance Director, Thorne Widgery Chartered Accountants

We at Strategic Solutions Financial Services would like to thank CIS for their commitment and dedicated expertise in supporting the successful relocation to our Westbourne offices in order to support our growth.  Through effective partnering, we have been able to enhance and maximise our IT capabilities whilst remaining committed to improved IT security.

Dean Rush, Operations Manager, Strategic Solutions Financial Services

I knew I needed a more robust remote environment, and quickly. Working as a team, collaboratively, with CIS has made the project the success that it was.

Garry Hunter, Head of IT, St. Pauls Cathedral

CIS helped us to bring an aged disparate system together into an efficient integrated system. This was done in a pro-active and professional way that ensured business continuity and no loss of business time for us. The success of the project was certainly aided by interaction between CIS and our SAP provider and the successful implementation of the IT system to support SAP.

Lyn Meadows, Director, Jobskin

CIS helped us to achieve our business goal through moving to the secure Private Cloud. As an Accountancy firm, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in smarter IT practices that have improved our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition.

Mark Winks, Managing Director, Bronsens

CIS’s expertise has helped our business to grow without having to worry about unpredictable system outages & high maintenance costs. We’ve seen a huge increase in efficiency from working in a virtualised environment along with peace of mind that our systems are fully backed up at all times.

Andrew Grisdale, MD, Biokil Crown

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