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Oxfordshire Accountants rely on the Cloud for Protection of Client Financial Data

Bronsens came to CIS with the vision for secure and flexible remote working from both of their offices in Oxfordshire.

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Backup & Recovery

Bronsens has been a reassuring presence in Oxfordshire for more than 100 years.

Founded in 1891, Bronsens grew quickly to become an established major accounting practice under the name of William Bayliss & Co. in Oxford.

Following various practice changes and mergers over the century, the business became Bronsens in 1992.

Having established the trusted Bronsens brand the business then acquired offices in Chipping Norton, Witney and formed a company to provide payroll and bookkeeping services.

Key Solution Highlights & Benefits

  • Traditional IT set-up wasn’t efficient in handling Bronsens daily workload – CIS Increased productivity through migrating Bronsens data and servers to the CIS Private Cloud (vBubble), installing better communication links to increase the overall communication speed between the offices.
  • Remote issues caused problems while accessing important data – CIS Improved this by allowing Bronsens to work from one data set across all sites (Witney and Chipping Norton) for flexible and concise working in the Private Cloud.
  • No way to access specialist IRIS accountancy software remotely – CIS Improved flexibility by running Bronsens IRIS Accountancy Suite in the CIS Private Cloud. This allowed Bronsens to utilise the software on the move without having to come back to the office every day, accessing that system from any device, on any internet connection, from any location, complete working flexibility.

The Challenge

With multiple sites spread over a wide geographical area, Purcell’s corporate profile is fairly typical for a mid-size business.

The company encourages multi-site interoffice collaboration between staff working on projects, making stable, dependable links between employees in different locations absolutely crucial.

In tandem with the requirement for ultra-reliable and easily available access to all systems, for all staff, from all locations (including remote workers located around the world), Purcell demanded absolute security of the solution and all of the data at the heart of the design.

CIS helped us to achieve our business goal through moving to the secure Private Cloud. As an Accountancy firm, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in smarter IT practices that have improved our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition.

Mark Winks, Managing Director, Bronsens

The Solution

CIS delivered a unified secure Private Cloud Solution for all of Bronsens offices, helping with accessing important data in a highly secure environment from any location on any device.

Bronson’s store large amounts of sensitive financial data for their clients so it was important that CIS implemented a regular backup procedure of the Bronsens Cloud servers, this also included a regular test plan.

CIS minimised the risk of an IT disaster for Bronsens and their clients by removing all data from the old physical server and hosting everything in the Cloud – located at an Ultra-Secure Nuclear Datacentre.

CIS created a Cloud environment so that Bronsens could access and utilise not only their important IRIS Accountancy software but also their document management systems ‘Virtual Cabinet’ and the full range of Microsoft office remotely, increasing productivity in the office while reducing Bronsens need to travel to work. This Private Cloud solution delivered a flexible ‘working hours’ policy, allowing access from home to all of the systems for Bronsens, whilst maintaining the highest levels of security.





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