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Managed IT Support

Expert help when you need it most.

Put your IT in safe hands

IT Managed Support is where you outsource to another company (known as a MSP -Managed Service Provider or IT Provider) who looks after all your IT needs.

IT Support can be for companies who do not have the expertise internally or the budget to employ an expert. But it can also be where there is already an internal IT person or team, and they enhance the knowledge and service as the company grows or goes in a different direction.

Having a team of experts looking after your IT and maintaining the heart of your business is critical. What would be the cost and reputation implementation if you or none of your employees could work from a company computer for 1 day or more?

24-7 network monitoring

By providing unlimited IT technical support, any of your employees can raise an issue or ask for advice and an engineer from the helpdesk team will respond.

Most MSP’s work to a SLA (Service Level Agreement), this basically places the issue in a selected category which defines the timescale in which an engineer will respond, obviously the most serious and business critical the issue the quicker response. We also monitor the whole of your network 24/7 and receive alerts to areas of concern.

We often resolve these without you knowing as it’s all the techie stuff behind the scenes. Everything our engineers do is recorded in our ticket system, so if you want to know more just ask otherwise, we keep doing what we are good at.

Why CIS?

CIS has a team of forward-thinking IT specialists, passionate about providing end-to-end solutions for its customers. We understand the frustrations our clients face when it comes to their IT

Our Account Managers primary task is to make sure IT delivers what your business needs, they may ask questions not directly related to IT but this allows them to interject IT recommendations where previously you may have been dismissed.

Most of our clients use them as a sounding board for ideas and to see where IT can drive or support their vision. And the most important thing is that they are not salespeople!



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