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The provision of traditional IT services has seen a significant change in the last few years with the proliferation of Public Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform. However, many organisations moved into the Public Cloud only to find later that it was not appropriate for them, that is where Private Cloud comes in.

For all the promise of Public Cloud, some issues mean it is not always the right choice for an organisation. The limitations may be the need to maintain systems with legacy physical connections to other equipment, poor Internet connectivity at the user location or rising costs, to name a few.

Managed Private Cloud Services

CIS are specialist managed Private Cloud providers and have many years of maintaining Private Cloud setups for those customers where it provides the best fit. Private Cloud implementation should provide an organisation with the same flexibility and availability of the Public Cloud but without the drawbacks that prohibit a migration to a Public Cloud provider and deemed a Private Cloud the correct choice.

CIS has specialists qualified in VMware technologies to help organisations suitably size their Private Cloud setups for their IT needs today and into the future. Depending on a customers’ requirements, this may be ensuring uptime and availability of a server environment, providing access to legacy hardware or providing a lower Total Cost of Ownership than a potential migration to Public Cloud.

Why CIS?

CIS has over 30 years of supplying IT and electronic systems – right from the nuts and bolts to sophisticated servers, networks, software and IT infrastructure.

We understand how to dig into what is possible and ensure that the best possible cover is made with what is already available, and recommend upgrades if there are areas of weakness.

We get IT, fundamentally at the primary level. But we also understand business, management, and the need for modern approaches to reduce risk and potential fines, costs and reputational damage from not securing the electronic business assets of a company.



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