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Witney Law Firm Reduces Risk of Data Loss Using the CIS Cloud

With sensitive client information accessed on a daily basis JWS wanted to ensure they had a backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

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John Welch & Stammers




Backup & Recovery

John Welch and Stammers (JWS) is a three partner practice, with one office on Church Green in the Oxfordshire Town of Witney.

The firm was founded by John Welch in 1932. He was joined in partnership by Charles Stammers after the war. It was decided that the firm would retain the name “John Welch and Stammers” despite subsequent changes in the partnership and has operated from the offices on the Green since 1952.

Key Solution Highlights & Benefits

  • Nervous about backing up and restoring in the event of an IT disaster – CIS provided peace of mind with full server image backup and protection of sensitive data.
  • Inconsistent work flow from multiple data sets – CIS increased efficiency by allowing John Welch & Stammers to work from 1 data set regardless of whether working from home or at a remote client site.
  • Difficult to access important data when away from the office – CIS improved flexibility by running John Welch & Stammers IRIS Evolution system in the Cloud for flexible use.

The Challenge

With sensitive client information accessed on a daily basis JWS wanted to ensure they had a backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

This would mean they could keep their client data secured and easily recovered in case anything failed resulting in damaging data loss.

The traditional server set-up was potentially at risk to security threats and IT failure, JWS wanted to migrate their servers to the Cloud with a strong fail-over solution to reduce the risk of down-time at their offices.

Since migrating to the Cloud with CIS, we've seen a great improvement to our productivity along with a highly secure way of working.

Bernadette Summers, Managing Partner, COFA, John Welch & Stammers

The Solution

CIS delivered a solution which allowed JWS to work more efficiently in the Cloud.

In order to provide a resilient, flexible and highly secure way of working, CIS migrated JWS’s servers to an Ultra-Secure Data Centre in the UK which kept their data compliant and protected by a military-grade data centre for the ultimate safety for their clients.

CIS ensured that JWS’s IRIS Evolution system was fully operational on CIS’s hosted Cloud platform (vBubble). This allowed for flexible remote working and increased overall productivity.




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