Broadband that works for your business.

Reliable & Fast Broadband

Having broadband to run a business of any size is a no brainer, to have the right connection for your business just needs a little thought and planning of where your business is now and in 1-4 years.

There is nothing worse, than the internet slowing users down and causing the most frustration in the office (or in-home office). There are several options available, we have listed a few of the popular services generally available to most business owners. 

The Broadband feeds to the Exchange cabinet (normally green cabinets located at the end of your road),  from there to your office or home where you plug in a router to complete the connection. There are different types of lines and speeds vary according to the type you have and the distance from the  Exchange cabinet to your premises.  

Measurable performance

Internet performance is measured on how much data can travel per second over the line, whether it is downloading to your device or uploading from your device. Every data is measured in megabytes and there are 1000 bytes in a gigabyte.

Lease Lines offer the best performance, stability and response to times to issues outside of CIS IT Support and control. With the option of a bearer line, this gives the flexibility to increase the performance over the forthcoming years without the need to enter into a new agreement.

Name Description Expected Performance Other considerations

(Fibre To The Cabinet)

A fibre line travels to Exchange cabinet and then continues down the standard phone line

Download Speed up to 80 mbps
Upload Speed up to 20 mbps

The maximum performance can depend on how far the Exchange Cabinet is from the premises.

(Fibre To The Premises)

A fibre line travels to Exchange cabinet and then fibre to the premises

Up to 1000 mbps (1 Gbps) Download & Upload speed

This service is not always available, please contact CIS to confirm

Lease Line

A dedicated line to the Exchange cabinet and to the premises

Download & Upload Speed is unlimited

Why not consider a broadband Bearer Line -contact CIS for more details? There may be additional costs for installation.

* Mbps = Megabytes per second Gbps = Gigabyte per second

Broadband is only secure if you invest in the right router and Firewall and follow recommended policies around access to your internet. We advise on the following Wi-Fi connections within your premises as a minimum:

Named Wi-Fi (example only) Isolated Access Top Tips

Company Core

For main company devices like Laptops to access the required network

Hide visibility to access connection


For Employees with personal Mobiles, laptops or tablets etc to access company emails and data but away from the core network

Change password at least once a month and confirm reason for access. (otherwise direct employees to Guest Wi-Fi)

Guest Wi-Fi

For guests wanting to use the internet when visiting but has no access to the company network & devices

Automated daily new password generated.

Why CIS?

CIS have access to a wide selection of providers and can manage and facilitate the installation, so a smooth transition is successful.

To maximise the download and upload speeds available, CIS can review your internal network and implement various configurations that meet your business needs.

Why not consider a hosted VoIP solution to take advantage of the improved and stable internet and reduce call charges.

With CIS IT Support on board, we can identify if an issue lies with the device, internal connection or external broadband connection. Whatever the problem, we will deal with it promptly and no need to involve a third party.



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