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Enabling Instant Efficiency: 6 Benefits of Voice Recognition Software

Constantly wishing you had access to voice recognition software to get your thoughts down? Whether you can’t write your ideas down fast enough, or you’re trying to juggle multiple activities at once, voice recognition can be a quick fix solution when your typing can’t keep up with your mind. However, this rapidly evolving technology has multiple benefits for wider society too.

So what is voice recognition software?

This kind of software does what it says on the tin; voice recognition is a computer software program with the ability to decode the human voice. One of the best known examples of voice recognition software is Siri, built into every iPhone. After learning the sounds and intonations of the iPhone user’s voice, Siri has the ability to answer the user’s questions by storing voice patterns, and decoding them to find the correct information.

As this type of technology evolves, voice recognition is becoming a much more sleek and streamlined way of enhancing your productivity. Left unsure about the effectiveness of this software thanks to bad memories of shaky customer service lines, or your car phone’s inability to understand your voice? Continuing development in voice recognition software has begun to introduce much more responsive systems into the working and public worlds.

1. Overcome disability boundaries

One of the most important issues voice recognition software can contribute towards solving is the lack of accessibility for all users in the wider world. Think of doctors’ surgeries, customer service desks or even customer helplines. Whether users are visually or hearing impaired, voice recognition can help you convert audio into text, and text into audio, much more quickly and easily than traditional methods. Investing in voice recognition software opens up your business to a much wider audience, and takes steps towards making the entire world accessible, regardless of any disability.

2. Change up workplace dynamics

Now the majority of us are sat behind screens all day, every day, it can be tricky to imagine a workplace without the constant tapping of keyboard keys. However, the rise in computer-based desk jobs has been clearly linked to a growth in related illnesses and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Voice recognition software could be part of the solution to these workplace related injuries, offering an alternative method of getting the job done.

3. Speedy interactions

Prefer picking up the phone to sending off text after text? Dictating is on average three times faster than typing. Instead of typing out your notes from a meeting, using voice notes can help you get your thoughts out while they’re still fresh, saving you time spent typing, and ultimately enhancing your productivity.

4. Safety while commuting

When you’re distracted by other physical activities like driving, hands free technology with the use of voice recognition software can be incredibly useful – and is a very important factor in keeping the roads safe. As the technology behind self driving cars becomes more streamlined, it’s safe to say the hands-free experience will only become more efficient.

5. More productive customer service

While the use of voice recognition in call centres and customer service helplines have traditionally been given a bad reputation, evolving technologies mean that the software is only becoming more and more streamlined. Voice recognition allows customer questions to be answered automatically, leaving your customers satisfied with quick responses, and enhancing your reputation as an organisation which makes customers their priority.

6. Honing your budget

By now, you’d be right in thinking that voice recognition software can be nothing short of a miracle solution when it comes to enhancing your team’s productivity, making your working life that little bit more simple, and sharing your business with a wider audience. These multiple features also have the secondary benefit of cutting the costs within your overall business budget. As well as automating tasks like call centres, saving you money in the long run, voice recognition software can be crucial in streamlining your workload, and making your end goals far more achievable.

Interested in the technological trends you could be using to your business’s advantage? No matter how far you’re immersed in the digital world, our top team have the most seamless solutions to help your business go further. Contact us to find out more.


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