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Invisible Engineering: Making your Home Security Watertight

Interested in taking your home security up a notch? It’s nothing new that even the sight of a surveillance camera can deter burglars from setting their sights on your home, but the advances of smart technology can help your home security become a one-stop shop for secure living. Have a read to find out how digitally enhanced devices can make sure your home stays a safe haven for the foreseeable future.

Taking your security wherever you travel 

Find yourself frequently having a late night in the office, or fan of a weekend city break that regularly takes you away from home? Keeping your home security measures tight even when you’re not there gives you the peace of mind that your valuables are always protected. As IoT technology evolves, security cameras, microphones and alarms can be monitored, manipulated and turned on and off all from the convenience of your smartphone. This makes sure you always have a direct line to your home security measures, so you can keep an eye on your property no matter how far away from home you are.

Integrating your home security systems 

Now more and more of us are introducing smart technology, virtual assistants and IoT enabled devices into our homes, keeping your home safe with a digital home security system can help you lead an even more streamlined life. Imagine your security system can turn your lights on when unexpected movement is detected by your surveillance cameras in your front garden. Measures like this mean your home security can become a key player in not only reporting break-ins to the police, but preventing burglars from getting near your home in the first place. If you’re interested in the kinds of IoT devices your business could be taking advantage of, take a look at our blog pages here.

Keeping a watchful eye on your home 

As a form of home security, video surveillance can’t be beaten when it comes to deterring burglars from taking their chances on entering your home. Another big attraction that comes with digital video surveillance technologies is the high quality record of activity around your home it includes; rather than scouring hours of analogue technology, digital cameras can clearly pick up on patterns of movement, providing a detailed, dated and high quality record of events if needed. Ultimately, this means that if you ever have to go through the ordeal of a break-in, you’ll have the home security tools you need to get your home safe and secure once again in easy reach.

Working towards sustainable living

Bringing more traditional home security systems in line with modern developments, IoT can also connect warning items like your fire alarms and smoke alarms to your digital devices. As well as making sure you know straight away if your home is in danger any way, this feature will also eventually to make our homes more eco-friendly. It’s safe to say that the effects of global warming are becoming more and more of a priority in the public consciousness; incorporating a smart home security system into your property can help you work towards lessening your carbon footprint, reducing your energy outputs and becoming a seamless part of your home life.

And the downsides to be aware of…

With any form of digital device you keep in and around your home, keeping an eye on who can access your data is crucial to maintaining your home security. Heard the horror stories of home security systems being hijacked by cyber attackers in order to break into your home unwatched? Thanks to the rapidly growing amount of smart devices on the market, the connection of your home security measures to your wider Wifi networks is considered a risk to the entirety of your digital connections, with the potential for your whole network to be taken control of without your consent. While it’s a good idea to bear these cautionary tales in mind, the wider benefits of digital home security means this shouldn’t deter you from looking into smart security measures for yourself.

When it comes to keeping your home, your data and your clients information safe, your home security shouldn’t be underestimated. Our experienced team stay on top of the latest technological trends, so we can provide you with the most streamlined digital devices, without the worry of holes in your network. Take a look at our security solutions to ensure both your home and business remain impenetrable.


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