Going Green: Environmental Sustainability in the Workplace

More aware than ever of the way you approach your methods of environmental sustainability? No matter how plugged into issues surrounding environmental sustainability and the dangers of climate change you are, there’s no longer any way your business can ignore a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. So how can you make sure you integrate environmental sustainability into your everyday working life?

Why should your team go green? 

More so now than ever, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. The level of carbon dioxide in the air is currently the highest it has been in 3 million years, and over 800 million people worldwide are vulnerable to droughts, floods, heatwaves and extreme weather that comes as a result of climate change. If the facts and figures about climate change aren’t enough to get you jumping into action, you might also want to consider the savings you can make as an added benefit of making environmental sustainability a priority in your workplace. Reducing your heating, lighting, transport and paper costs all lead to lower outgoing invoices, helping you cut your business’s costs.

Harnessing the power of the digital world

Did you know the digital world can have a direct impact on your carbon footprint? Thanks to the evolution of digital technology, there are many ways your devices can help you carry out your commitment to environmental sustainability. Rather than having meetings face to face, digital communications tools like VoIP or EVE can make meetings across your city, nation or even worldwide, as seamless as if your colleagues were seated in front of you.

Even simple changes like going paperless can increase the level of environmental sustainability in your workplace; sending documents to your team online rather than printing them out can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, as well as the budget you’re spending on office equipment. If you’re concerned about sending confidential information online, rather than storing it physically, take a look at our security blogs for tips on strengthening your website’s defences.

Getting the whole team involved 

While more of us than ever before are getting involved in the fight against climate change, it can be difficult to keep environmental sustainability at the forefront of your mind when your working day gets busy, and the paperwork starts piling up. Making sure your team are incentivised to reduce your shared carbon footprint is a great way to promote your commitment to environmental sustainability. From introducing bike to work or lift sharing schemes to rewarding your team when they reach a climate change target, there are many ways to keep environmental sustainability a constant priority. This kind of push also has the secondary benefit of bringing your team together, helping them come together to take on a new project seamlessly and effectively.

Implementing a green workplace

Finally, refreshing your office building itself can be a great place to start when it comes to committing to environmental sustainability. To begin with, want to inject some green into your workplace? Filling your office interior with plants will not only make your space a nicer environment to work in for your team, it’ll help reduce the toxins in the air too, reducing your carbon footprint and helping you take a simple and colourful step towards environmental sustainability. You could also refresh your office coffee break by making a change to biodegradable tea bags and reusable coffee pods, ensuring every cuppa you make is contributing to your environmental sustainability.

Want to learn more about the ways your digital devices can support your environmental sustainability commitment? Our team of friendly, dedicated IT engineers are happy to help you streamline your digital workplace, ensuring both your carbon footprint and budget are as low as possible. Give us a call to help your team go green.


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