Keeping the Lines Open: 6 benefits of Unified Communications

Wishing you had access to a telephony system that could encourage productivity, protect against downtime and streamline your customers’ calls, all while saving you money each month? You’re in luck – Unified Communications has the ability to take your regular telephony up a notch, securing your communications firmly within the digital landscape.

So what exactly is Unified Communications, and how can making the switch to this system impact your working life? Simply put, Unified Communications, or UC, combines multiple platforms and applications into one single solution, streamlining your technology, and allowing you to keep in contact with your team and your customers with ease.

1.Cutting the costs: reducing your communications bill

Perhaps one of the most long term benefits Unified Communications can offer your business is its’ unrivalled cost efficiency. Rather than being faced with multiple invoices at the end of the month to cover a range of different communications systems, Unified Communications consolidates your applications onto one platform, meaning you’ll only ever receive a fixed monthly bill for your usage. In addition to this, Unified Communications provides the most up to date solutions to you on a flexible basis, giving you the freedom to scale the resources you’re using up as your company grows, and ensuring you only ever pay for the platforms you and your team are making use of.

2.Advanced functionality: an easy to use system

Rather than acting as a regular phone system that simply gets the job done, Unified Communications goes above and beyond to make sure your team can use your telephony with ease, not just in your day to day working life, but as your business expands into the future too. Advanced features like voicemail access via email and integrated audio and web conferencing via Unified Communications ensure your team can work as productively as possible, allowing you to maximise your operations all while making use of a system with huge capabilities for expanding resources.

3.Enhanced protection: all-rounded security

Because Unified Communications brings together all your applications within one centralised platform, which is then hosted within a military grade secure data centre, the chances of hackers or viruses infiltrating your systems are dramatically reduced. Consolidating your services and software in this way will mean the time you and your team have to spend checking your systems for abnormalities is cut down, too – rather than paying close attention to multiple systems, Unified Communications provides all rounded security within just one solution.

4.Reliability: the importance of reducing downtime

As well as ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to your day to day security, Unified Communications can help keep your business’s communications up and running even in the case of a data breach or power outage. Diverting your calls to other locations through Unified Communications ensures that if your systems are compromised, you can still pick up your customers’ queries where you left off, accessing the data you need as part of your disaster recovery plan.

5.Customer satisfaction: leaving no call to chance

No matter how well your telephony system works for your team, keeping your customers happy with your communications is crucial to safeguarding your reputation. Unified Communications can streamline your customer’s experience of communications with your business, routing calls directly to team members who can immediately answer their query with no call waiting. In addition, the centralised database incorporated within Unified Communications allows your team to access the client information and history they need to solve problems at the earliest opportunity.

6.Anytime access: encouraging flexible working

Finally, with high speed connectivity and seamless device interactions, Unified Communications is a great way of initiating a digital workplace, bringing in the technology your team need to interact efficiently even when they’re out of the office. With the phenomenon of flexible working only continuing to rise, implementing systems that enable your team to work on the go will help unlock your team’s productivity, ensuring they have the tools they need to ace their working days from wherever they’re based.

Excited by the opportunity to embrace a seamless working day with Unified Communications? We go above and beyond to bring the latest and most efficient tech developments to your team. Take a look at our Unified Communications pages for more information on securing your business within the digital landscape.


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