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Enhancing Your Reputation: 4 ways data security can build your customers’ trust

Almost a year on from GDPR regulation enforcement, how has your business’s data security developed? Thanks to a number of recent wide scale data disasters hitting the headlines, you’ll probably know how important keeping your data security policies and procedures watertight is to your business’s future, but did you know following the GDPR regulations can build your business’s reputation too.

Streamlining your Services: What information do you actually need?

One of the most important take-aways from GDPR enforcement is the requirement for businesses to only make use of the client information they actually need. When it comes to data security, the less information hackers can get hold of, the better – so if you’re a travel agency with customers’ passport details on file from years back, you might want to think about removing all traces of the information you no longer need from your day to day business. This will ensure that in the event of a data security breach, the impact on your customers and business is significantly lessened. Training your team on the risks and impact surrounding data security is also a sure fire way to keep your customer’s information at the forefront of your team’s minds. The majority of data security breaches occur when employees either knowingly or unknowingly allow ransomware to infiltrate your systems. Because of this, helping your team with the ins and outs of your data security will make sure neither you our your customers are let down by mistakes or mishaps surrounding the customer information you have hold of.

Keeping in Touch: Communications with one eye on data security

How many hundreds of marketing and sales emails did you receive in the run up to the GDPR enforcement deadline? Now that GDPR is in full swing, maintaining your communications’ data security should be a lot more simple – but it’s still easy to slip up. However, keeping your communications with your existing and potential customers clear and transparent is one of the most simple and effective ways of ensuring your whole team is meeting the data security standards set by the GDPR. This means being as clear as possible about the purpose of the data you’re asking your customers for, carrying out regular audits to remove any client information you don’t have any use for, and always checking your customer is aware of the information about them that you’re holding.

Complete Transparency: The importance of keeping your customers informed

If the worst happens and your business falls foul of a cyber attack, ransomware infection or hacking scare, keeping your clients updated is crucial to ensuring your hard earned reputation doesn’t crumble. Whether it’s your banking information, your passport details, your address or even simply your full name, if your personal information was at risk , you’d want to know about it – and it’s the same for your customers. Alerting your client base to the breach not only lets your customers know you care about their data security, but gives them a chance to stay one step ahead of the hackers by changing their information as well. Keeping your customers in the loop about the steps you’re taking to minimise the damage ensures you’re always on the same page. Additionally, this kind of data security transparency helps future proof your business prospects for the months to come. Giving your customers tips and advice on keeping their data safe from further harm not only increases the chances of their data escaping the hackers clutches, but helps maintain your relationship with them.

Unsure exactly what steps you’d need to take if your business became the victim of a data security breach? Don’t panic – we’ve covered the best course of action to take here.

Overwhelmed by the number of GDPR procedures and policies surrounding your business? We’re here to help you use the data security rules to your advantage, so you’ll never be caught off guard. Take a look at our GDPR services to see how your business can benefit.


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