Solving Your Communications Problems: How can telephony aid your business growth?

How well do you know your VoIP from your softphone telephony?  Whether you’re a startup or a multi-million dollar company, understanding the communication tools that have the most impact on your business is crucial to keeping your company moving forward. From Unified Communications to advanced IP telephony, the kinds of communications options open to your business are only evolving further as the digital landscape develops. So what benefits can developed telephony systems like the EVE portal bring to your business?

Make collaboration second nature: communicating with ease

How much time do you spend arranging and rearranging projects with your team? EVE telephony lets you record, handle and direct calls with ease, making collaboration easier than ever before. Especially if you work in a small business, you’ll know how much job roles can overlap, leading to confusion over who should be getting which task done when. EVE’s advanced telephony system has the ability to put this confusion to an end, keeping your chats, recorded calls, pictures, videos, collaborative whiteboard sessions and more in one centralised system. Enabling your team with access to this shared collaborative space means you’ll never be faced with a mislaid email or call miscommunication again, so you can collaborate and generate ideas as a team more quickly than ever before.

Strategising your approach: the ultimate time management

As your business expands and your team grows, keeping track of communications through your telephony can be tricky. Interacting with a range of devices including Microsoft Outlook and your CRM alongside your core systems, EVE IP telephony makes switching between multiple devices more simple than ever before. This means that rather than programming your systems onto your desktop computer and being tied to it for the rest of your working life, you can switch from device to device at the touch of a button, safe in the knowledge that your files and folders are secure and in easy reach at all time. If you’re concerned about admin tasks piling up while you’re away from the office, EVE telephony’s task management has the perfect solution, too. Linking all your sites within one centralised telephony system, EVE’s Collaboration feature lets you assign tasks to your team members, check off those which have been completed and comment on them as they’re being carried out, ensuring your whole team can keep track of your shared schedule with ease.

Telephony at your fingertips: embracing a flexible workplace

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of developments in telephony for your team is the ability this software has to help you embrace a flexible working lifestyle. You’ve probably seen for yourself how appealing flexible working is; keeping your team happy and productive is in your business’s best interests, so why not consider a telephony system that helps you stay in touch from wherever you are? Whether you choose to work from the office, a coffee shop, your bedroom or the train on the way to your next meeting, EVE telephony allows you to reach the files, folders and contact details your team need to be as productive as possible – and all they’ll need is a broadband connection to do so. This telephony is also as equally as functional on a smartphone or tablet as it is a traditional PC, meaning the quality and productivity of your work is never slowed down by incohesive or slow running telephony programs.

Stepping up your customer service: telephony that makes sure your calls that never go unanswered

We’ve all had one of those days when ignoring your telephony systems seems crucial to getting the job done, but when it’s customers on the other end of the line, leaving your phone unanswered can lead to confusing miscommunications –  or worse, a reputation for bad business. Telephony programs like EVE help manage your customers’ expectations, making use of features like automated call waiting, prioritising calls and conference calling to ensure your colleagues and clients are never left in the dark. In addition to this, EVE telephony makes sifting through endless piles of internet information for the answer to your customer’s question a thing of the past. This telephony’s centralised administration system offers your whole team a secure portal to your business’s shared confidential information, so as well as finding the information you need to help your clients out quickly, you can have the utmost confidence that your data transfers are locked away from prying eyes at all times.

Looking to refresh your telephony systems? Whether it’s the ultimate flexibility opportunities for collaboration that have EVE catching your eye, our dedicated engineering team are always on hand to help find the best communications solution for you. Visit our communications pages to revolutionise your conversations.



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