Time Saving Solutions: 7 benefits of using a VoIP phone

Heard of the buzz surrounding a VoIP phone system, but unsure of exactly what benefits this new telephony can bring to your business? From the second you form your business, communication with your customers and your team is crucial to your business’s productivity. As well as making quick and simple communication an absolute priority for your team, implementing a VoIP phone, or Voice over Internet Protocol system, has multiple benefits for your business.

1. Fast installation: limiting your downtime

Worries of a difficult installation process holding you back from bringing in a VoIP system? From the very beginning of your communications journey, a VoIP phone removes the need for a drawn out installation, making for a telephony solution that saves you time every single day. Rather than installing hefty hardware which could cut off your communications during the process, installing a VoIP phone system is as simple as downloading software onto an IP phone.

2. Upskilling traditional telephony: maximising your call features

If you’re concerned that making the switch to a VoIP phone will mean you have to get to grips with a whole new telephony system, you don’t need to worry – as well as incorporating a whole host of new features, a VoIP phone lets you enjoy more traditional options like call transfer, call hold, call hunt and conference calling.

Want to see the bigger picture when it comes to the benefits of a VoIP phone? We’ve done a deep-dive into the innovative features of Voice over Internet Protocol here.

3. The ultimate savings scheme: removing physical infrastructure

One of the most attractive benefits to your business when it comes to integrating new telephony software with a VoIP phone is the huge cost savings it can bring about. As well as taking away the potentially hefty costs of a hardware installation, a VoIP phone lets you make international calls over a broadband connection, at no extra cost to you. This has the added benefit of leaving you with just one payment each month, rather than multiple and perhaps unexpected bills for all your calls and communications.

4. Easy integration: streamlining your infrastructure

Rather than acting as a separate agent to your wider infrastructure, VoIP integrates easily with your systems. Because a VoIP phone is internet based, this kind of telephony is much easier to integrate than a traditional hardware-based solution. This means you can conduct your calls and communications with more ease than ever before, safe in the knowledge that you can switch between your VoIP phone and other features of your infrastructure quickly and securely.

5. A direct line to your team: encouraging flexible working

When it comes to the benefits for your team, a VoIP phone is one of the most useful tools in helping to implement flexible or remote working. Working simply over a broadband connection, a VoIP phone can be reached from anywhere in the world, making sure that your team can stay in contact no matter where they happen to be working from.

If you’re interested in learning more about the kinds of communications a VoIP phone can help enhance within your team, take a look at this blog here.

6. Inherent flexibility: scaling up your resources

One of the most innovative features of a VoIP phone system is the phone line flexibility it brings to your business. If you’re a new business or quickly growing, you can scale up your infrastructure alongside your expanding team with complete ease; rather than investing in phone lines you might not make use of, a VoIP phone lets you increase your resources as and when you need them.

7. Encrypted communications: security with every call

With all the increased calls you’ll be making with your productive VoIP phone technology, you’re probably wondering how secure this enhanced telephony is. Implementing standardized encryption protocols active on every one of your calls, your communications are secure no matter where your colleagues and customers are interacting from.

8. Making a measured decision: any downsides your business should know about?

Because VoIP is powered by the Internet, it’s possible your communications could be affected by the issues coming into play with your Internet connection, such as poor audio quality, bandwidth dependency and potential security risks. However, alongside the rapidly developing technology VoIP is integrated within, the cost efficiency, time savings and opportunities for collaboration and productivity mean the benefits of a VoIP phone far outweigh the only – potential problems your business could come across.

Thinking of installing your own VoIP phone system? Whether you’re overhauling your entire communications systems, or taking baby steps towards a digital workplace, we’ve got the most secure solutions to help you take your communications up a notch. Take a look at our communications pages to find out more about implementing the most progressive solutions for your business.


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