Harnessing Digital Technology: 3 Companies Paving the Way

From your internal operations to your customer experience, digital technology has the power to reshape the way you do business, making your profits go sky high and propelling you further within the digital landscape. All kinds of industries have begun taking advantage of digital technology for themselves; from finance to agriculture, coffee shops to energy, there are multiple ways digitising your business can aid your business growth.  Read on to take a look at some of the companies paving the way for digital transformation.

Volkswagen: Centralising IoT for the ultimate mobility

Volkswagen is planning to invest 3.5 billion euros in their use of digital technology by 2025, showing how seriously they’re securing their position within Digital Transformation. The main way this digital shift will be taking place is through Volkswagen’s vehicles, turning every car the company produce into ‘digital devices on wheels’. Making futuristic cars that can drive themselves a reality, Volkswagen’s use of digital technology will streamline connected cars by using IoT to connect to the wider world, developing each drivers’ experience during every car journey they take. Put simply, this means that customers driving Volkswagen cars will have the power to park, connect to their personal digital technology and access a whole range of services all from the hub of their digitally connected cars.

If you’re interested in accessing the power of IoT, or the Internet of Things for your business’s own digital technology usage, take a look at our blog on the most effective IoT devices here.

Starbucks: Focusing on a great customer experience

You probably know Starbucks as the saviour for your morning coffee run, but did you know it’s making huge steps in the digital technology world too? Members of Starbucks rewards program provide the organisation with reams of data about their coffee-buying habits; where they are, what time of the day they fancy a caffeine fix and their favourite kind of drink. Analysing this data means that Starbucks can offer their customers the ultimate personalised experience. Using digital technology to craft their own Digital Flywheel, an Artificial Intelligence engine that’s based in the cloud, Starbucks can suggest new food and drink recommendations, offer free birthday drinks or discounts on special occasions, and streamline their suggestions based on current weather conditions, the time of day and their individual customer’s drink history. Incorporating digital technology in this way means customers can engage with the Starbucks brand much more easily, ensuring they receive a friendly, customisable experience they’re much more likely to want to come back to again and again.

Airbnb: Connecting consumers through technology

When it comes to the success Airbnb has reached through the use of digital technology, the numbers speak for themselves. Since starting up in 2008, Airbnb has used digital technology to host 500 million guests in cities all over the world, becoming one of the most popular hotel brands, second only to Marriott International Hotels. Airbnb is credited with being so successful because of the way it has used digital technology to create a whole new business model. Rather than focusing on a traditional hotel interaction scenario, Airbnb providers users with a service that’s tailored to the kind of stay they’ll be most interested in. Using the Airbnb app, both users and hosts can communicate easily before, during and after their stay. In this way, digital technology makes for a much more personable experience, turning the stereotype of an unfriendly hotel on its’ head, and tapping into a worldwide desire to travel.

Interested in making the most of digital technology for yourself?

Now you’ve seen the ways in which digital technology can create huge shifts in your business’s mindset, why not begin thinking about the ways you and your team can begin shaping your own digital culture? Whether you want to concentrate on the customer facing elements of your business, or you’re interested in helping your team embrace flexible working, planning a comprehensive digital strategy is a great way of helping your business move forward within the digital landscape. Take a look at our blog on creating your digital technology strategy to find out more.

No matter if you’re new to the world of digital transformation, or you’re looking to take hold of the trends for yourself, we’ve got both the digital technology and the expert knowledge you need to stay ahead in our Internet driven world. Contact us for a direct line to our friendly, knowledgeable team.


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