Implementing Cloud Security: Managing the change

Now data is produced and processed more quickly than ever, understanding what part your cloud security plays within your infrastructure is vital to maintaining your business’s place in the digital world. Whether you’re focused on the types of threats your cloud security might face, you want to learn more about implementing the change to a more secure environment, or you’re unsure why cloud security is important in the first place, read on to make sure your business’s data usage will always be under lock and key.

Starting with the Basics: Why is keeping an eye on your cloud security important?

An estimated 83% of businesses will have migrated to the cloud by 2020; whether you’ve undergone the change already or you’re still thinking about doing so, it’s clear that cloud solutions and cloud security are becoming more and more important within the business world. As your company grows, it’s likely that your infrastructure will expand with it, so keeping your data safe is an absolute must when it comes to making sure your reputation never suffers. With an increased reliance on the cloud, yours and many other businesses are probably storing sensitive information within your cloud application, whether it’s public, private or hybrid. Under the terms of GDPR, knowing where your data is, who’s got access to it and how it is protected is of the utmost importance – and that means the stronger your cloud security is, the less likely your business is to suffer a breach or downfall in your reputation.

Taking on your Migration: What do you need to move to the Cloud?

From choosing a new cloud provider to preparing your data for the move, infrastructure migrations can be a stressful experience. From a cloud security point of view, keeping your eyes on the data you’re moving across will ensure your infrastructure update takes place without any hitches. When it comes to migrating your files and folders to a new cloud environment, it’s important to take note of the exact data being moved, in order to make sure not a single piece of information is missed. Carrying out the switch safely and securely will ensure your migration is as cost effective, mobile, and future proofed as far as possible. This will help set up your cloud security for future successes too, with minimal disruption to your team, and limited downtime.

Constant Protection: The threats to your cloud security you need to be aware of

End User Actions: Insider Threats

It probably goes without saying that your team should be trusted to handle the data within your cloud storage solutions, the biggest number of data breaches come either knowingly or unknowingly from inside your organisation. When it comes to your cloud security, this means training your team against phishing emails or ransomware attacks will help ensure your data is never at risk of an accidental breach.

Reduced Visibility: Managed Access

While one of the many benefits of the cloud is the passing on to a trusted provider it lets your business take on, this shift in responsibility could have repercussions for your cloud security. When transitioning to a new infrastructure or checking up on your cloud security measures, there’s a chance the reduced visibility you have over your cloud solution could lead to a vulnerability or weakness in your system being missed. However, hosting your cloud solutions inside a carefully monitored, military grade data centre leans this shift in responsibility is much more often a positive than a negative, for both your infrastructure and your cloud security.

Backed Up Data: Tightening up your Disaster Recovery Processes

Finally, as with any infrastructure solution you implement, making sure you have procedures in place to strengthen your cloud security in the case of a data breach will ensure the entirety of your IT systems stay safe. Without a strong Back Up and Disaster Recovery program, a cyber attack is an even more threatening proposition for your business, so ensuring you have a strong cloud security solution in place, that aligns with your wider network security strategy, is crucial for your long-term digital success.

Whether you’ve already implemented a cloud solution, or you’re thinking about making the change, we know how important your cloud security is to making sure your migration continues to be a success. Take a look at our cloud pages to find out more about how our expert team can help you take steps towards a successful cloud security strategy.


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