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Improving Internal Communications: IT in the Workplace

We now spend more time than ever at work, whether that’s physically being in the workplace, or thinking about our workload; that’s why internal communications are becoming more and more of a topic of conversation in the business world today. The relationships we make with our work colleagues can make or break a job role, causing tension in the workplace and ultimately resulting in a lack of productivity. So how can you strengthen internal communications within your own workplace, and which IT software and programs can be used to your advantage to do so?

Strengthening your company culture: Encouraging authenticity within your communications

Perhaps the most important benefit internal communications can bring to your organisation is the positive impact on company culture it can help create. We all know how much friendships or even just good relationships in the workplace can make you more excited to get up and go to work in the morning, and with almost two-thirds of workers picking out a sociable workplace as one of the top criteria for choosing a job role, boosting your team’s internal communications can have a truly tangible impact on your workforce. As well as the all important in-person meetings and face to face contact, more and more software solutions are becoming available on the market, to help you and your team stay constantly connected. From Unified Communications to VoIP, softphones to EVE, communications software can help your team stay in touch more easily than ever before.

If you’re interested in learning more about the kinds of software you can use to help boost your internal communications, take a look at our blog pages here.

Moving with the times: Enabling flexible working in the digital age

According to a recent survey, 70% of workers think flexible working makes a job prospect more attractive, with 65% believing this working style would add to their wellbeing and satisfaction at work. Acknowledging the needs of a dispersed workforce through regular, reinforced internal communications will not only allow your business to gain ownership of new working trends, but will help your team embrace full productivity too. Collaborating with team members, whether you’re at your desk, on the commute or working from home, is made a whole lot easier through strong internal communications that make sure remote workers don’t feel all that remote. Implementing a communications software strategy that takes these trends into consideration will help secure your business within the digital landscape, keeping your team happy and motivated in the meantime.


Thinking of implementing flexible working in your own business? We’ve written in more detail about the benefits of VoIP here.

Crisis management: Internal communications during a data breach

Finally, one of the most long lasting purposes internal communications can bring about is the ability it gives your team to handle a serious incident or data breach. If and when a data breach occurs, making sure your employees can relate well to one another will make sure the aftermath of your data breach runs smoothly, meaning your business can get back up and running at the earliest opportunity. Think about how well your team work together, and how much time you invest in building the relationships within your workspace. Making internal communications a focus will not only help you build up a regular dialogue with your colleagues, but will help each and every member of your team understand their role in an emergency too.

Strategising your internal communications in this way also has a knock on effect on the way your company is viewed externally. In a post GDPR world, your business’s reputation is crucial to your success, so making sure your internal communications reflect the way your team behave, your branding and the efficiency with which you handle a crisis will demonstrate that even after a data breach, your business will be performing more strongly than ever before. In this way, strengthening your internal communications is crucial for protecting your business both now, and into the future.

How do you strategise your team’s internal communications? Whether you need support making the most of your communications systems, or you’re looking to overhaul your infrastructure completely, we’ll be on hand to see help you maximise your team’s potential. Take a look at our communications pages to find out more about the software we offer.


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