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Future Proofing the Working World: The Evolution of Smart Technology

Whether you’re a startup, sole trader or industry leader with years of experience, smart technology has the ability to transform every part of your working life. From entertainment to the commute, communications with your colleagues to securing your information, the evolution of smart technology has brought about rapid change in almost every aspect of our everyday interactions. So where will this digital phenomenon go next?

Where did smart technology come from? 

You might be surprised to learn that ‘smart’ technology is actually an acronym – originally, smart technology stood for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Training. Thanks to its’ ability to answer questions and talk back, this form of IoT technology is now known to be simply as intelligent as the name would suggest.

Collaborating with different technologies in this way has led to a smarter, more productive way of working and organising our everyday lives. Did you know two million smartphones are sold around the world each day? The rapid growth in our need for constant communications has meant that smart technology has had to develop alongside, in order to provide the most efficient, instantly available service to millions of users across the globe.

How can smart technology be used? 

In today’s society, smart technology has a whole host of uses, despite us only scratching the surface of what this type of technology can do.One of the most exciting aspects of this new form of working in the business world is the change in working patterns it can bring around. Whether it’s remote working, improved customer communications or even building trust between employees and their managers, smart technology really will come to impact on every aspect of our everyday working lives.

There’s a whole heap of ways this digital boom is improving the way we operate outside of the home too. Smart technology can even help you live a healthier lifestyle. Do you use a FitBit to track your calorie intake, or check whether you’ve reached 10,000 steps on your iPhone? Devices like this are just the beginning when it comes to the ways in which data transfers can shake up the way we live, making more informed decisions to live a healthier, greener, more cost effective lifestyle.

As more and more aspects of our lives continue to be governed – and improved – by digital data, smart technology will develop further to connect individual data details with one another. If you’re interested in learning more about the developments in IoT devices already taking the digital world by storm, take a look at our blog pages here.

What’s next for smart technology?

Have you heard of the buzz surrounding smart cities? As smart technology becomes even more advanced, the use of data handling digital assistants is sure to come to improve every aspect of our daily lives. As the world becomes even more aware of energy consumption and the effects of global warming, smart technology will be a key tool when it comes to making environmental changes in the digital world, saving businesses time, money and energy. This revolution is also likely to have an even bigger impact on the wider digital and working worlds. All that data generated by smart technology needs to be put to use, as well as requiring a fast Internet connection to process it all. Because of this, we’re likely to see an even bigger boom in the smart technology world, with businesses placing more focus on getting the job done faster, less expensively and more thoughtfully.

Intrigued by the impact smart technology will have on your workplace? From your offices to further afield, our team of experts will be on hand to help you secure your place within the digital revolution. Take a look at our blog pages to find out more about making the most of digital transformation.


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