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Five Steps to Revolutionising your Digital Communications

Unsure whether digital communications can have a lasting impact on your workplace? From your team’s productivity levels to your ability to grow within your industry, taking the reins when it comes to your digital communications tools can work wonders within every aspect of your organisation, both local and more far-reaching.

Take your operations global

Did you know an estimated 269 billion emails were sent and received worldwide in 2017? One of the most powerful benefits digital communications can bring to your business is the ability to connect businesses and people all over the globe. Whether your business partner’s based across the world, or you’re hiring for remote working employees from multiple worldwide locations, digital communications tools have the ability to dramatically enhance the scale of your operations.

Embrace new working trends

More so now than ever before, a work life balance is crucial to you and your employees’ happiness while working in your organisation. Trends like remote working or flexible hours are gaining more and more traction; as well as making your workplace attractive to future employees, embracing these trends has been proven to have a positive effect on your productivity levels. Digital communications are key for helping you create remote working opportunities, communicate easily with team members who aren’t in the office every day, and motivating your team to do their best work at the time they’re most productive – and the tools to make these working patterns happen are only becoming more and more seamless.

Strategise your productivity

One of the biggest reasons why you or your colleagues might be suspicious of embracing digital communications is the lower engagement levels that are often associated with social media platforms – we’ve all had one of those days where you’ve been too distracted by notifications to get stuck it’s easy to get distracted by constant notifications. Despite this, enhancing your digital communications can be a great way of boosting your employee engagement, encouraging your team to stay in touch with one another, and sharing knowledge easily. Think about how much easier it is to stay in touch with your team when you’re constantly connected. Digital communications tools like EVE ensure you can engage and interact from anywhere in the world you’re based from. You can learn more about EVE’s core functionality and interactive platform here.

Enhance your team’s skill set

A rise in digital trends across the working world has led to an influx of digitally focused job roles, and digitally minded people filling them. Helping your team to embrace digital communications will not only help you attract and retain staff with new talents, it’ll mean you can ground yourself as a key player in your industry too. Having a handle on the digital communications trends sweeping the working world will help take you further into the digital opportunities available; as technology develops, the more digital knowledge your business has, the further you’ll be able to push into the new working world.

If you’d like to take advantage of the digital communications sweeping the working world, but you’re unsure how to get your team on board with the trends, take a look at the training solutions we offer here.

Revitalise your customer service

Finally, the huge leaps being made in digital communications devices can also work wonders for the way you interact with your customers. As well as helping you stay constantly connected to your customer base, digital communications tools like EVE incorporate features to specifically streamline your interactions with your customers. Ever had a customer call you need to pass on, but struggling to remember the entire message? Features like call recording, hunt groups and call forwarding ensure your customers are met with only the most seamless operations through your digital communications. This will help your team hone their customer communications, and enhance your business’s reputation too.

Ready to take the plunge when it comes to your business’s digital communications? From VoIP to Unified Communications, EVE to CIS Mail 365, our expert team can help you find the digital solution to all of your communication needs. Take a look at our telephony pages to find out more about streamlining your communications solutions.


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