Freedom and Flexibility: Keeping your IoT devices secure

As IoT devices take more of a centre stage role in both the working world and our home lives, keeping your devices and networks secure is vital to ensuring you can make the most of these emerging technologies.

Why should I consider using IoT devices?

IoT, or The Internet of Things, is widely considered to be one of the most powerful technology trends in the working world today, with the power to change how multiple industries consume, collect and use data. As patterns within the business world shift, the world moves towards consumer based data gathering and remote working becomes more of a well-known way of working across all kinds of industries, incorporating IoT devices can be a great way to introduce a revitalised working lifestyle into you and your team’s every day. We’ve looked into the benefits of using IoT devices more closely here.

Despite the many positives to incorporating IoT devices into your working life, it’s important to note that with a new Internet trend comes a new wave of cybercriminals. In 2017, IoT attacks were up 600%. When everything from your coffee machine to your car can be taken over by IoT devices, the possibility of cyber attacks seems very threatening. Think about the number of devices, websites and businesses you trust your data with. IoT devices can dramatically improve the consumer experience, but this comes with the price of data collection on a scale we haven’t seen before. Because of this, taking steps to ensure your security is watertight wherever you’re using IoT devices at the office, at home or even out and about will mean you can enjoy the accessibility of emerging trends, without the worry of your data being held hostage by the hackers.

In the Office

When it comes to utilising IoT devices within your office environment, security can sometimes take a backseat – especially with the ease IoT brings to your working life. Whether it’s the air conditioning that automatically adjusts to keep you comfortable, or the self driving cars making your commute that little bit more simple, there are plenty of ways IoT can make your team more productive – but this huge data collection can put you at risk of a cyber attack or data breach too. Despite this, there are several easy measures you can put into place to ensure your team makes use of IoT devices seamlessly, without the worry of a data breach hanging over you. One of the most simple ways you can make the security of your IoT devices a priority for your team is by training them on the dangers that come with a more data hungry, easily accessible network. Small changes in your routine such as avoiding connecting to public networks when your team are working remotely, or making sure to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) are easy and simple ways of keeping the data generated by your IoT devices out of reach of the hackers.

At Home

Do you ask Alexa to help you remember your shopping list, or use Hive to turn the heating on for when you get home? As more and more breakthroughs are made in the IoT world, smart devices are coming to be seamlessly integrated into our homes. One of the most effective ways to keep your IoT devices separate from the tablets and laptops you use for your home life is to set up a guest network simply for the benefit of your IoT devices. This means you can keep the data generated by your IoT devices completely out of reach from any visitors or guests you have to your home. As well as keeping your consumer connected IoT devices running at optimum speed on their own network, this will work to keep your smart devices away from prying eyes, ensuring malware or ransomware cannot infect them from other devices.

Another way to ensure your home security is consistently private is to use a two part authentication system on every one of your IoT devices. Most often, this kind of security measure takes the place of a security question, and a password. Getting into the habit of enabling two-part authentication across all your devices will ensure your security never takes a backseat, both within your IoT devices and your wider data security plan.

Unsure what steps you should take to ramp up your business’s data security measures? From your IoT devices to your communications systems, our dedicated team work hard to make even the most confusing cyber issues crystal clear for you.


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