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Taking your Infrastructure Digital: Choosing a Data Storage Solution

Quickly growing business meaning your data storage solution isn’t quite cutting it? From the most scalable solution to the most secure, your data storage is a key part of your infrastructure – not only when it comes to the everyday running of your business, but because of the knowledge that you can keep your systems moving seamlessly into the future.

Why is a strong data storage solution necessary?

A year on from GDPR regulations being put into place knowing exactly where your data is stored, who is accessing it and how long it should be stored for is incredibly important when it comes to future proofing your business’s systems. No matter how comprehensive your infrastructure, or how regulated your data transfers, maintaining a secure data storage solution is crucial for the ongoing security of your business. Your data storage is as unique as your business; understanding where and when your data is secured means you’ll have the confidence to take your business further, safe in the knowledge your data is fully backed up. When it comes to assessing your data storage needs, you should take into consideration the speed with which you need to access your information, the number of people who will need eyes on your data, and how long your data needs to be retained for.

Cloud Storage

This kind of data storage solution is fast becoming the most popular option for businesses across a range of industries, not only because of it’s cost efficiency, but the GDPR compliance it can help you along with. There are three main types of cloud computing solutions that can benefit your data storage; private, public and hybrid. The main benefit of this type of computing is the ease with which it can be tailored to your business’s needs; as the maintenance, data storage back ups and security of your server are all managed by your cloud provider, you are free to conduct business as usual with the elements most suited to your organisation. This means you can reach the files you need when you need them, wherever you are.


IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, is a form of cloud computing that hosts traditional data within an online system. As well as giving you control over the resources and services your business makes use of everyday, IaaS can also offer you data storage in an easily accessible, secure format.

This type of data storage solution is most attractive because of the benefits it can offer your business; choosing the resources you need means no unnecessary expenditure on servers and services you won’t make use of, and allows you to operate much more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, controlling your resources in this way is useful if your company is growing quickly. The more people you employ, the more data is generated, and the more of a necessity a scalable data storage solution becomes. IaaS gives you the flexibility you need to make your data storage solution work perfectly for you.

Back Up and Disaster Recovery

No matter what data storage solution you choose, one of the most crucial elements of your infrastructure and wider data storage plan should be your back up and disaster recovery strategy. Working in tandem, a back up solution stores your files, folders and information on a separate server housed behind a high-grade security wall, making sure that if the worst happens and you suffer a data breach, you and your clients’ information can be recovered as easily and safely as possible. Complementing this, disaster recovery ensures these files can be accessed quickly, meaning that your systems suffer far less downtime. This kind of data storage solution is crucial for ensuring your company’s survival in the event of a data breach or cyber emergency.

back up and disaster recovery strategy also benefits from being housed on a remote server. If your internal server is compromised by a data breach, cyber attack, or perhaps even a natural disaster, keeping a copy of your data separate on another server will allow you to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. Rather than restoring your information from a damaged source,this type of data storage allows you to bypass the breached server, letting you get on with building your reputation and reassuring your customers you’re in control as soon as possible.

Can’t decide which route to go down when it comes to keeping your information safe and sound? From data storage to your wider network security, our team of dedicated engineers have got you covered when it comes to enhancing your infrastructure. Contact us for storage that’ll see you through every step of your IT systems growth.


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