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Trusting your Team: Introducing remote working

Has your team begun to embrace remote working? As your business grows, remote working can be the key to attracting and retaining your team, as well as enabling a much more productive workforce. With the rise of digital communications and tools making flexible working patterns the norm, remote working is not only becoming much more easy to implement, it’s being seen as a priority by many potential employees.

What is remote working?

In a nutshell, remote working takes place when an employee works mainly away from the office, keeping in touch with their colleagues via telephone, email or other digital forms of communication. While tabloids would have you believe remote working is nothing more than a shortcut for lazy millennials to stay in bed all day, this phenomenon is actually being integrated into working cultures all over the world. By 2020, it’s estimated that half the UK workforce will be taking advantage of remote working – that’s a lot of employees accessing the benefits of a more flexible system than the traditional 9-5.

How can remote working improve your company culture?

Remote working has incredible benefits for both your team and your customers. From increased flexibility and a more realistic work life balance to a generally healthier workforce and reduced employee turnover, introducing remote working seems like a no brainer for your business. It can also have some pretty positive benefits for your business’s cash flow too; rather than keeping your team in the office all day, enabling remote working means you can save on building overheads, reducing the energy your business uses each day.

Aside from these positive perks, perhaps the most attractive benefit of remote working for your business is the increase in productivity it can bring about within your team. Accessing flexible working in this way can mean a shift in priorities, restructuring working hours around regular life, and completing projects when you’re in the best mindset to do so. Whether your team want to be able to do the school run every day, have family responsibilities, or simply spend too much time commuting to your office buildings, enabling remote working can show your team that you trust them to get their job done well, when they can. Building trust in this way will help you retain your staff, and perhaps more importantly, will give them the freedom to create their best work, at the best time for them.

What tools can I use to get my remote working program off the ground?

Now you’ve heard about the benefits of remote working, unsure how to go about actually implementing the strategy for your staff? You’re in luck – there’s a whole host of telephony and communications solutions at your fingertips to help make your remote working strategy secure and successful.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is one of the most effective communications solutions when it comes to keeping in constant contact with your team, no matter where in the world they’re based. Enabling you to transmit calls over the Internet, rather than more traditional analogue phone lines, VoIP makes remote working more simple as a result of the clear, quick communications it can help you with.

With EVE’s collaboration feature enabling a shared interface to become part of your working life, remote working is made even more accessible thanks to the efficient teamwork a shared database brings into play. Combining chats, a whiteboard feature, graphics and presentations all in one place, EVE brings the working environment to your device, no matter where in the world that device happens to be.

If you’re concerned about the security aspect of a dispersed workforce, Unified Communications can help ease your mind. Bringing together all your communications tools, whether that’s messaging, social media, traditional telephony or apps onto one platform, Unified Communications is hosted within a military grade secure data centre. This means that as well as making sure communications can always be accessed even when your team are remote working, this cloud based platform will have reduced downtime, and will ensure each and every one of your communications with your team is secure.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your remote working journey, or you’re looking to make your flexible workers’ database more secure, our expert communications solutions can be streamlined to your business’s specific needs. Take a look at our communications pages to find out more about strategising your approach to scaled up productivity.


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