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Testing the Waters: 6 Benefits of Automated Penetration Testing

Heard of automated penetration testing, but not really sure how it can help you? By 2018, nearly 70% of UK businesses had experienced some form of cyber security attack. As reliance on digital technologies grows, the probability of your business suffering a cyber attack is more likely than ever before. From malware to phishing, hackers are constantly devising new ways to infiltrate your infrastructure, meaning your cyber security strategy needs to constantly prepare for new potential threats. To combat this, automated penetration testing assesses your systems from the point of view of the cyber attackers, making sure your business is protected from as many angles as possible within a safe,controlled environment.So how can automated penetration testing benefit your business?

1.Save time and money

Exposing the weaknesses in your systems before the hackers get to them, automated penetration testing acts as a preliminary layer of protection, giving you crucial insights into your system. It’s a lot more cost effective to smooth over the holes or weaknesses in your infrastructure before a cyber attacker gets to them; automated penetration testing lets you test the waters with a simulated attack, rather than the real thing.

2. Create actionable insights

Your network security protocols shouldn’t interfere with the day to day running of your business. CIS:Cybot creates actionable insights based on critical vulnerabilities that could threaten your business, helping you stay constantly on top of the security threat. Giving you the peace of mind that your business’s security network is in safe hands, automated penetration testing troubleshoots the issue before it becomes a serious threat.

 3. Silent vulnerability scanning

Automated penetration testing should provide your infrastructure with a well-rounded safety net. CIS:Cybot carries out continuous silent vulnerability scanning across all your IP devices and websites both on premise, and in the cloud. This makes sure that the customer facing side of your website is as heavily protected as the back-end of your infrastructure. As well as preventing infections and data breaches from reaching your website in this way, automated penetration testing builds trust in your business as a reliable brand backed up with solid security.

4. Executive audit reporting

As well as the risk to you and your clients’ information, one of the greatest risks businesses face when it comes to cyber attacks is the impact on your GDPR compliance it can bring about. Automated penetration testing makes sure you have all the tools in place you need to avoid going anywhere near a data breach. CIS:Cybot sends regular Executive reports to meet compliance requirements, giving you the peace of mind that you’re on the right side of the GDPR line, and producing information about the state of your security strategy in an easily digestible format.

5. CREST certification

One of the most highly regarded cyber security certifications available, CIS:Cybot is certified by CREST, reassuring you that your organisation is being PEN tested using the latest and greatest techniques, with maximum attention paid to operational safety concerns while the testing is underway.

6. Staying prepared for future attacks 

No matter how well informed you are, cyber attacks are unfortunately a fact of life in the digital age. Automated penetration testing lets you prepare for both the possibility of a cyber attack, and the actions you’ll take in the aftermath of a hack. Staying on top of the latest evolutions in the cyber industry through automated penetration testing makes sure your business is always aware of the potential issues lurking in the shadows.

Like the sound of automated penetration testing? Here at CIS, we’ve got the services and solutions you need to keep the hackers at bay. Give us a callto see how we can help protect your business from all angles.


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