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Backing Up Office 365: Everything you Need to Know

Ever had that feeling you’ve forgotten something important? Backing up your data is one of the most simple and effective ways you can ensure your business continuity, and with more and more businesses moving to Office 365, protecting you and your clients’ information with a well rounded security plan has never seemed so simple. So why is backing up your files so important, and what should you look out for in an Office 365 back up provider?

Why should I regularly back up my data?

In our digitally focused world, it’s easy to assume that technology always has our backs. But did you know that while Microsoft offers a thorough support service for their customers, Office 365 hand over the responsibility of securing your data to you? Because of this, backing up your information as part of your data security plan adds another thorough layer of protection to your business, making sure that if the worst happens and a cyber attack hits, you’ll have the information you need to get up and running again. Ensuring you have control over Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and One Drive for Business makes sure the data you need can always be found at your fingertips.

What are the benefits of backing up Office 365 with Veeam?

Storing within multiple locations

As your business grows, the number of users accessing your files from multiple locations will only get bigger and bigger – this means backing up those files will become a bigger task too. Veeam lets you retrieve Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, One Drive for Business and Microsoft Teams data from the cloud, allowing you to store your backed up data in the location of your choosing. So, even as your team grows, you can sleep easy knowing every one of your colleagues’ files and folders are in the process of backing up, keeping them in easy reach if necessary.

Meet compliance requirements

Staying on the right side of the GDPR guidelines is crucial for your business on every level. Backing up your files with your compliance in mind, Veeam offers enhanced data protection reports to identify unprotected mailboxes and manage your storage usage. Granular advanced search and find functionality makes sure you can recover exactly the documents you need, whenever you need them, without crossing the lines of GDPR compliance.

Recovery flexibility

Your business is unique, so your entire infrastructure should be bespoke to you too. Veeam provides you with multiple ways to restore your data, empowering you with the tools to find and recover the individual files you need. Backing up your information in this way provides you with the ultimate flexibility. Whether it’s particular documents, libraries and lists you’re looking for, or you’re searching for a specific business account, backing up with Veeam means you can easily find what you’re looking for in a few simple clicks.

Advanced search capabilities

Time is money, so having the ability to keep your data on hand even when you’re backing up your information is vital for getting the job done in no time. Veeam’s eDiscovery function lets you use the advanced search capabilities you’re used to in order to find the files you’re after as quickly as possible. This means that rather than sifting through the entirety of folders you’re backing up, granular recovery of individual objects is more easily achievable than ever before.

Unmatched scalability

Thanks to its’ multi-tenant architecture and comprehensive automation, Veeam offers protection on a much wider scale than has been seen in previous backup programs. Backing up Office 365 in this way also lets you and your team be much more flexible about where your files are stored; retrieving your data from your own premises, the public cloud or with a local service provider puts your backing up information access safely in your own hands, wherever you choose to access it from.

Speedy recovery times

We all know how easy it is to delay pop ups and notifications on your browser when you’re having a busy day. Instead of putting your working day on hold, Veeam carries out incremental backup up to 30x more quickly, turning hours into minutes, and minutes into seconds. Rather than pushing your backing up protocols to the back of your to do list, increasing the chances of a cyber attack, Veeam allows you to quickly and easily incorporate your data security measures into your working day.

Interested in learning more about safely backing up your data? Here at CIS, we’re always one step ahead of the latest trends and technologies, meaning we can provide you with the most streamlined security solutions. Give us a call to make sure no part of your business’s security is left to chance.


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