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EVE: Improving Workplace Communication Skills

How do you make sure your team’s communication skills are always top notch? In the Digital Age,  it’s become more important than ever to communicate effectively and instantaneously – and for the business world, that means your customers expect answers almost straight away. The advent of technology means your communication skills need to be overhauled to match evolving audiences, keeping your business’s reputation in mind and showcasing the best of what you have to offer. So how can EVE help guide you through this transition?


Changing up the ways you communicate in your workplace doesn’t have to be a chore. EVE’s core phone system functionality makes sure the requirements you’re traditionally used to are all covered. From call transfer to on-hold messaging, EVE reinforces your team’s external communication skills by handing over full control to your outbound and inbound calls.


Feel most productive when your team are bouncing ideas off one another? Revolutionising your internal communication skills, EVE makes collaboration more simple than ever before. Flexible working practices mean many businesses are no longer limited to desktop computers, instead working from the tablets, laptops and mobiles of their choosing. EVE’s’ collaborative tools let you chat, share content, videos, presentations and graphics, and make use of a collaborative white board from whichever device you work best from.

Call centre functionality

When you’re focusing on customer service, strong communication skills are an absolute must. One of EVE’s most customer-orientated features, dedicated call centre functionality  lets your team immediately view call numbers, answer times, user availability and more. Having access to everything you need within one function makes sure your customers are only ever greeted with the most professional face. As well as this, EVE’s automatic call distribution feature points customer calls to the person best able to deal with them, meaning queries can be dealt with in the best possible way.


As well as helping you achieve exceptional communication skills, your business’s communications software needs to be prepared for potential cyber attacks. EVE provides you with the most comprehensive protection, integrating 24 hour real time call monitoring, and keeping you updated about fraud threats with immediate alerts.


Strong communication skills can’t be formed on technological platforms you and your team can’t get your head around. Equipping you with caller search, presence sharing, screen popping and click to dial, EVE integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. This means you can enjoy the benefits of EVE’s multi-skilled features across all your communications platforms, including Skype for Business, Outlook and Sales Force.

Call handling

Your reputation is crucial to your business growth, so it goes without saying that your customer service should always be at the top of its game. Streamlining your communication skills, EVE helps you easily manage your call handling system. Even if your calls are queueing up, skills based routing and custom messaging make sure your customers are always receiving only the best customer care.

Number management 

Setting up shop in a new city? EVE’s number management system allows you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to choosing your numbers. From saving money on publicising your new number, moving your old numbers across to your new systems, to giving you nationwide coverage with focused area codes, the choice is yours.


As your business grows, communication skills between your colleagues become all the more important. EVE’s multi-site functionality helps your team stay unified even as you expand. With free calls between all your sites, EVE links your inbound calls within a single system, making sure your customers are always guaranteed to receive a quality service.

Call recording

We’ve all had one of those conversations where you can’t be quite sure you’ve got everything down that you need to. Handing over the ability to revisit those important conversations, EVE’s call recording feature helps you keep track of all the information you need to keep your business running smoothly. With a bespoke intuitive interface too, it’s never been more simple to access the files you need as soon as you need them.

In the market to streamline your team’s communication skills? As your business evolves, EVE will be on hand to help you easily navigate new demands for 24/7 communications. Contact us to revolutionise your communications.


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