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Historic Buildings Saved by IT

In tandem with the requirement for ultra-reliable and easily available access to all systems, for all staff, from all locations.

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Backup & Recovery

For over six decades, Purcell has been involved in the care and development of some of the best loved buildings in the UK and abroad.

Their approach to architecture is bespoke – they put a lot of care into crafting intelligent outcomes. From start to finish, their expertise includes funding and planning advice, heritage consultancy, conservation and architectural design across eight sectors.

Key Solution Highlights & Benefits

  • Reduced time spent helping remote workers by centralising Purcell’s Rapport Document Management System.
  • Increased efficiency by allowing Purcell to work from 1 data set across 15 sites.
  • Improved flexibility by running Purcell’s AutoCAD system in the Cloud.

The Challenge

With multiple sites spread over a wide geographical area, Purcell’s corporate profile is fairly typical for a mid-size business.

The company encourages multi-site inter-office collaboration between staff working on projects, making stable, dependable links between employees in different locations absolutely crucial.

In tandem with the requirement for ultra-reliable and easily available access to all systems, for all staff, from all locations (including remote workers located around the world), Purcell demanded absolute security of the solution and all the data at the heart of the design.

The long term relationship we have with CIS is on a tactical level helping us to set the IT strategy for the business based on up to the minute technology.

Gary Dalton, Head of IT, Purcell

The Solution

CIS delivered a solution where the majority of systems were hosted on a centralised private cloud infrastructure. The CIS Cloud Solution vBubble has an infrastructure that is secure at its core and flexible enough to allow Purcell rapid deployment of systems and expansion of existing data stores as needed – keeping costs to a ‘pay as you go’ level.

In order to provide robust interoffice links, CIS then designed and deployed a multi-site, multi-line connectivity solution. This was installed, maintained and monitored by CIS, with no need for any involvement from third party contractors or ISPs. The solution uses the very latest Sophos firewalls to provide secure interoffice connectivity and data transfer whilst enabling remote workers to connect to any office as though they were physically working at that site.

All of this has been achieved as part of a planned strategy and with budgets in mind. Purcell has been a CIS client since 1991 and the relationship that has blossomed along the way has remained strategic and tactical.




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