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Prestige Medical Supplier Implements Full SAP Solution

Jobskin’s requirement for updating their IT infrastructure was particularly driven by the implementation of a SAP enterprise application solution

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Jobskin is a company that has built its reputation by producing outstanding quality medical pressure garments for over 30 years.

Leading the way in rehabilitation therapy, Jobskin is the largest provider of specialist custom made compression garments.

The company is dedicated to providing the ultimate in therapy management and their long standing reputation is maintained by commitment to product research and development, allowing them to offer innovative products unmatched in the market today.

Key Solution Highlights & Benefits

  • Aging IT systems fast becoming redundant and frustratingly slow – CIS provided a single high specification server with a virtualisation, eliminating the need for additional servers on-site. This increased Jobskin’s business efficiency whilst also lowering the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Jobskin’s SAP enterprise application software required multiple servers to run at optimum performance – CIS created a virtualised environment with a mini-cloud platform, allowing the company to run thier entire SAP infrastructure on a single high spec server spread across 3 virtual machines.
  • Centralised working was non-existent due to traditional IT setup. – The virtualised environment gave all sites the ability to access one single dataset, including full access to SAP via Terminal Services.

The Challenge

Jobskin’s requirement for updating their IT infrastructure was particularly driven by the implementation of a SAP enterprise application solution. They aspired to improved integration and working collaboration between the company’s different departments including staff based at a satellite office in the Irish Republic.

From our review of the company’s networks, it soon became apparent that the existing server on site was inadequate to meet these demands. We therefore proposed replacing the server with a virtualised solution that would deliver not only increased capacity and improved firewall protection, but which would greatly enhance connectivity to the Eire office.

CIS helped us to bring an aged disparate system together into an efficient integrated system. This was done in a pro-active and professional way that ensured business continuity and no loss of business time for us. The success of the project was certainly aided by interaction between CIS and our SAP provider and the successful implementation of the IT system to support SAP.

Lyn Meadows, Director, Jobskin

The Solution

CIS implemented a single server installation running the latest version of VMware EXSi. This server was designed to cope with the ever-changing demands of the SAP software suite and allowed the creation of 3 virtual servers.

We then configured a new domain controller to run alongside the existing Windows 2003 Small Business Server and migrated the active directory, group policies, & data with no unproductive downtime for Jobskin.

CIS provided a dedicated virtual server to run the SAP installation and worked in close collaboration with the vendor of the application to ensure that every aspect worked to meet
Jobskin’s requirements. Alongside this, we implemented a terminal server system installed with all of the company’s required software so that during the SAP migration, users could
test and configure the SAP solution whilst still being able to use the existing software packages.




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