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The file is over there, no its over there…

‘You have reached your storage limit. Please click here to buy additional storage space’

What? Surely not? It can’t be! How can you have used 500Gb of data in just 3 months? It was 3 months right since you saw that last message, wasn’t it?

Maybe you should buy another one of those Maxtor hard drives? They only cost £95 and can store 2TB’s (whatever a TB is) but there again no.

You remember what happened when Joe dropped one of the drives 7 months ago. One minute you had 2 months of video recordings available to use for the new company website and next minute they were gone! Not even the wizards at IT Provider ABC could restore the data, the hard drive had been corrupted and there were hours of work gone in a flash. Not a flash drive either.

No, you need a better solution than hard drives, disk tapes and flash drives sitting in drawers and cabinets gaining dust and a) you not having a clue what is on them and b) wondering if they will even work when you plug them in.

There surely must be a better solution though. One that doesn’t bother you every few months to pay more and one that ensures the data is easy to access when you need it.

At least your data and files are safe in the cloud and you can access them whenever you want from wherever you want right? They are safe in Shoebox, aren’t they? Then you remember seeing that article that made you concerned. You make a mental note to look at that over the weekend.

But does every bit of data get backed up? Do all of those client records and files that are vital all get backed up? Where is that data stored then? It would be vital in the event of a complaint or any form of enquiry. These law firms are continually pushing people to look at misselling claims!

Do Finance back up their data?

I think they do. They do, don’t they?

I am sure they do. Maybe they don’t?

How do they back up files then?

You call Carol in Accounts and ask her how her files are backed up and then as soon as she answers, you regret picking up the phone.

“I have no idea what happens to be honest with you Matt. I assumed that Jackie did it’. Let me ask Jackie. You get put on hold and after listening to Greensleeves for 20 seconds you then find your ears hurting as Carol shouts ‘I don’t know how to transfer anyone on this phone system, I have never been trained’.

Beep, Beep, Beep and then the tone stays consistent. You have been cut off. You make a mental note to look at a new telephone system as the one you have continues to cause problems and costs a fortune to make changes on. Surely there is a better way there as well?

Jackie rings and says that she was waiting for Paul the Finance Manager to update her on data and backups, but she assumes he does it. Paul is away on annual leave for 2 weeks.

Great. So now you don’t know if Finance does have backups. What if they don’t?

You do not want another episode of data okey cokey. The file is there, no it’s there, no it’s not its there. In, out, shake it all about with everyone having a viewpoint but no one actually knowing where the records were, and which were the most up to date version!

The Auditors said that to become GDPR compliant, you must have clear records in place to know where any data is stored, how it is protected and who has access to it but by the sounds of things from Jackie, those protections are not in place.

It’s one to solve for another day though. Until 11 am that is, and you open the letter.

Dear Mr Panner,

We have received a complaint from a Mr P A Inthers regarding the service you provided him regarding financial advice 8 months ago. We are duty-bound to investigate this compliant fully and so will require the following within 14 days from your firm.

Full records of all of the communications, files and information you hold on Mr Inthers over the last 2 years

You look down, close your eyes and start dreading the next game of data okey cokey you are now going to have to play!

If the above scenario is familiar and you have concerns as a business owner about where your data is stored, who has access to it, where it is backed up and how secure this data is then we can help.

Talk with one of the CIS team and let’s chat you through a new way of ensuring your company never has to play the Data Okey Cokey game again!


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