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Meet the Team – Dan Hadland

Here to join us for another meet the team interview is Dan Hadland, director of technology and innovation at CIS! Dan has been with CIS for nearly 7 years now. He started off as a systems engineer and has climbed through the ranks to where he is now!


Day to day, he is responsible for the CIS cloud platform and “technology stack”. He also gets involved with more bespoke projects for customers, or projects that are perhaps more complex than others. He’s also been getting more involved in cybersecurity over the last couple of years, as we’ve been seeing more and more cases in the press of well-known brands and companies having issues with hacking and viruses. As well as this, one of the big things he helps with is moving customers from their on-premise solutions to other options such as the CIS data centre.


Dan has always loved IT, and so from a very early age he decided it was the career for him. He went to the University of Portsmouth for his degree, completed an internship, had a job with a local Oxfordshire security company before taking a sidestep into sales. After his son was born he realised he really missed working in IT and it was at this point he spotted the opening in CIS, and the rest is history!


Dan shares with us some of his personal highlights of his time at CIS with us. For the last 3 or 4 years he’s been primarily responsible for the CIS data centre. They had an issue a while back which he managed to resolve without ANY downtime which he is very proud of! He also mentions how he’s been involved with some amazing customers who he feels have grown with him as he’s been at CIS over the last 7 years, which he loves. He has also really enjoyed onboarding new products, particularly the Veeam cloud connect platform, which he says has been such a good fit for CIS and its customers.


We’ve talked a lot about challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Dan mentions how there have actually been some upsides for him! He lives quite a distance from the office, and he’s rather enjoyed not having the hour commute either side of his working day, which has enabled him to be more productive. He’s always worked from home a fair amount anyway, so remote working wasn’t a new concept to him, and he says the team has been working just as slickly from home as they usually do in the office. He’s enjoyed being able to pass on his knowledge and experiences from CIS’ success at working from home on to customers to improve their remote working experience too.


Thank you Dan for sharing your journey with CIS with us!


You can watch the video below:




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