The Softphone Situation: Enhancing your Communications

Has your organisation embraced the digital workplace revolution with a softphone communications system? As the VoIP industry has developed, softphone has become a great way of maintaining effective communications with your team, no matter where in the world you are. Understanding how a softphone system works is vital to making the most of your business’s communications, and will ultimately help to secure your place within the digital workplace.

Getting to grips with your communications software: what is a softphone?

Put simply, a softphone is a software program or application which has the capabilities of a business phone, but conducts information over the Internet instead of a traditional phone line. While softphone, or software phone, technology is most often associated with cloud based infrastructure, there’s nothing stopping your business from replacing traditional desk phones with a softphone system.

Softphone systems have existed for years, but it’s only in more recent years that they’ve begun to take the business world by storm. How many times have you Skyped home if you’ve been travelling, or Facetimed a friend for a more immersive experience when you want to catch up? These kinds of communications software make use of a simple interface to make conversation as easy as possible. When it comes to maintaining your communications within the business world however, a softphone can incorporate many more functionalities, features and options, depending on your business’s communication needs.

If you’re searching for a telephony system that can effortlessly adapt to your organisation’s specific needs, why not take a look at eve, the ultimate communications system, here.

What are the benefits of a softphone system for your team?

Let’s start with perhaps the most attractive benefit of a softphone system; it can mean huge cost savings for your business, as well as making your accounting that little bit more simple. Using a softphone system removes the need for a physical telephony system, so you won’t have to pay for the installation and upkeep of traditional hardware. In addition, a softphone system works by running on multiple devices and platforms, meaning that rather than having multiple communications bills leave your bank at the end of each month, your expenses are streamlined to a singular, reduced invoice.

A softphone’s ability to navigate across multiple devices and platforms is also very useful when it comes to your team’s time management and productivity. Softphone technology makes transferring and forwarding calls simple, so even if you need to take and make multiple calls during your working day, you’ll never lose focus of the project you’re working on. This efficiency also makes sure that your remote workers can remain connected to your workplace, even when they’re out of the office. In terms of implementing a digital workplace, this allows your team to embrace flexible working, alongside the knowledge that you can keep track of your team’s working hours simply and securely.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of flexible communications technology, take a look at our blogs on VoIPand Unified Communications.

How can a softphone system benefit your customers?

The main attraction of a softphone system for your customer base is undoubtedly the reduced waiting time and ultimate accessibility this kind of communications software can offer. Think about how long you’re prepared to wait with hold music when you’re trying to get in touch with one of your providers. As our days get busier and busier, hanging on to a call can seem like too much of a waste of time, so the sooner you can reach your customers with a softphone, the better.

It’s also worth noting that when using a softphone system to make and receive calls, the call interface will appear with your company phone number and name; this makes sure that no matter how far your employees are from the office, they’ll be able to maintain a consistently professional and polished image.

How will you ensure your communications systems can cater for both your team and your customers’ needs? Whether you’re new to the softphone world, or looking to develop your systems further, our expert team are on hand to make your connectivity dreams a reality. Take a look at our communications pages to find out more about how we can help your team develop.


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