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Security that Never Sleeps: Refreshing your network security

On the lookout for a new form of network security that will shake up your security strategy? As different forms of cyber attack evolve, understanding how you can get the most out of your network security is a crucial tool when it comes to future-proofing your infrastructure. By understanding the threats network security protects you from, and the current developments and innovations being made in the network security world, you can lessen the burden of a cyber attack on your business, as well as making your day to day working life much more productive.

What is network security?

At the most basic level, network security does exactly the job you would imagine: it secures your network, protecting it from data loss and ensuring your data is readily available for when you need to make use of it. Operating within the digital landscape, network security covers everything from locking all the devices you use with a password to ensuring your team have the education they need to stay aware of cyber threats.

Putting a network security strategy made up of layers of security solutions in place will ensure you have a full range of defence mechanisms ready to protect your business. From access control to email security, firewalls to data protection, your network security can be built up using the components that are most in line with your business’s needs. Whether it’s external threat prevention or GDPR compliance you’re most focused on, maintaining a network security strategy is crucial to securing the longevity of your online infrastructure.

Understanding the threats: how network security covers all bases

No matter what industry you’re in, or what job role you have, you’ll know that having an awareness of cyber attacks in the back of your mind is key to staying one step ahead of network security threats. When it comes to your network security, there are two main categories of attack that you need to look out for; internal threats, and external threats.

Internal threats occur from inside your network, either maliciously or by accident; your employees are one of the biggest threats to your network security, as they have access to the entirety of your systems from the inside. An internal threat could take place when an ex-employee has access rights they can use to their own advantage, or it could be something as simple as a member of your team opening an attachment to a phishing email without realising. Layered levels of network security can regulate these threats by educating your team on the ways to avoid potential cyber worries and managing who can access the entirety of your infrastructure, as well as who has eyes on your data.

On the opposite side of the track, external threats to your network security occur when individuals from outside your organisation attempt to break into your systems. The main reason external threats take place is due to attempts to steal your customer information or data records. To lessen the impact of external threats, your network security strategy needs to include adequate measures to first alert you to, and then stop, suspicious behaviour coming through to your network. A rounded network security strategy that prepares for both internal and external threats by employing multiple components in this way means you can predict and repel all kinds of threats, before they can come to impact on your infrastructure.

A defence system that’s always developing: The latest security innovations

You’ll probably know by now that there’s many advantages to moving to a cloud based infrastructure, but is your network security strategy prepared to develop alongside these digital changes? Because these new forms of technology can handle extraordinary amounts of data, the ways in which they can be attacked are much more wide ranging – so, to prevent them, network security strategies have developed machine learning tools that work with human knowledge to predict and prevent as many threats as possible. One of the most widely effective tools available is PEN testing, which has cost-effective benefits ranging from safeguarding your digital information from data loss to detecting potential threats before they can impact on your business. Working within the latest wave of the data revolution, tools such as PEN testing proactively seek out the threats your business is up against, stopping them before they can create havoc, rather than dealing with the aftermath. Interested in securing your business for the years to come? You can find out more about PEN testing here. Whichever components you use to make up your network security strategy, keeping an eye on the latest innovations and developments will make sure that cyber attacks will never get the chance to get their hands on your data.

As the digital landscape develops, scaling up your network security is vital for letting your business grow alongside the trends. At CIS, we provide you with the tools you need to ensure your security moulds to your business’s needs. Contact us to secure your infrastructure on every level.


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