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Covering Every Base: Enhancing your IoT security

Eager to make the most of the Internet of Things, but feel uneasy about developing your IoT security policy? As this digital trend sweeps the working world, it’s vital that your IoT security stays strong enough to fend off the cyber criminals, without leaving you behind the pack when it comes to embracing new digital devices. So how can you make sure your IoT security is always one step ahead of the game?

Why is IoT security so important? 

While the Internet of Things is fast becoming one of the most exciting developments in the technology sphere, maintaining your IoT security is crucial in order to make sure your business doesn’t fall foul of malicious software. Luckily, as Digital Transformation evolves even further, IoT security is becoming more and more streamlined. This makes sure that the information gathered in each of your Internet devices is kept safe from all kinds of potential hacks. So how can you maintain your device’s IoT security?

Do your research

As more and more apps hit the market, it can be tricky to distinguish which might be hiding hidden threats of malicious software. Especially when you’re downloading apps on your smartphone, the Internet of Things enabled device that almost all of us have in our back pocket at all times, it’s important to carry out your own IoT security research by reading privacy policies and checking reviews to make sure you’re not accidentally inviting the hackers into the secure information your smartphone holds.

This goes for the kind of devices you trust with your data too. Whether it’s a smart home assistant or motion-enabled heating you’re interested in, checking exactly what information your digital devices are storing will help you keep your IoT security at the forefront of your mind.

Be wary of your WiFi

Is your team constantly in and out of the office, or do you find yourself checking your emails on the train home? While flexible working is a great way to encourage productivity in your workplace, training your team on the dangers of potential data breaches while they’re out and about will help in the fight against the hackers. One of the most simple and effective ways to maintain your business’s IoT security while you’re working in a public place is to keep your WiFi or hotspot turned off. Connecting to unknown WiFI spots is one of the most prolific ways cyber criminals hack into your data; securing your networking with a VPN from a trusted data and IoT security provider will give your team the peace of mind that they can work from wherever they choose, without the fear of a data breach. It should also go without saying that you should never leave your digital devices unattended in a public place, not only to avoid the cost of replacing expensive software, but to avoid the hefty expense of a GDPR fine too.

Check out one-way data connections

Whether your team are working remotely or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your IoT security. A simple way to make sure your digital devices are never secretly stealing your information is to establish one-way connections for each of the softwares and programs you’re making use of, allowing your devices to connect only to network firewalls and access control lists. Establishing one-way trust principles means your IoT devices will never be able to initiate their own connections, helping you avoid your devices connecting to one another unexpectedly. This helps slow down potential hackers, giving you more time to fix the issue before it turns into a more serious threat, and adds another layer of all important IoT security to your wider network security policy.

Excited to embrace digital trends to your own business’s advantage?Take a look at our security solutionsto learn more about going full steam ahead with your Internet of Things enabled devices, without putting you and your clients’ digital data at risk.


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