The Freedom to be Flexible: 4 ways IAAS can revolutionise your working day

As the business world moves further towards fully embracing digital transformation, you’ve probably considered ways in which Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) can work for your business. No doubt the ever shifting landscape is continually changing your business mindset, so you know it’s important your IT systems keep up. With benefits ranging from fast and scalable flexibility to watertight security and cost efficiency, IAAS is a simple, yet highly efficient way to revolutionise the way your organisation conducts business.

With the onset of the Digital Transformation, the Cloud has become second nature, in both our professional and personal lives. Following this move to a digital landscape, the natural next step is to consider how these digital trends can impact and benefit your business. IAAS is becoming more and more of an attractive option for businesses looking to free up the time they spend on managing their online resources – the faster your organisation moves, the more quickly and accurately your IT systems need to be. With IAAS, your IT strategy begins to work with you, rather than becoming a hindrance to your business. The following benefits mean a successful IAAS model can help relieve your workload and, in the long run, push you further than your competitors.

Reliability: An infrastructure solution you can trust

One of the many ways IAAS can lessen the burden on your business is through the unification of the solutions and systems it implements. Because IAAS consolidates your entire infrastructure into a single solution, which is then held within a military-grade data centre, it is unlikely your data will ever go offline. Additionally, IAAS can be made up of both public and private clouds, so you can access and utilise pooled networking with ease. The efficiency and safety with which IAAS operates mean you don’t have to search out multiple networks or solutions; your consolidated infrastructure solution does the hard work for you.

Scalable growth: An infrastructure that develops alongside your organisation

Perhaps the most valuable asset IAAS can bring to your business is its ability to scale up, and down, as and when your business needs it. Perhaps your business has times of the year where there is a peak demand on systems, but the remainder of the year your needs are at a lower level. To accommodate your normal business tempo, you have to own and pay for more IT infrastructure than you really need. Because your third-party IAAS providers are equipped with expert knowledge and the latest emerging technologies, your solution will have the ability to easily adapt to new requirements and advancements. As well as providing you with the technological tools you need to stay ahead in the digital landscape, this expertise also allows your infrastructure to be scaled up as and when it is needed, and quickly. Whereas more traditional infrastructures can take a significant amount of time to process your data changes, IAAS dramatically reduces this timescale. This leaves you with more time to focus on the actual running of your business, rather than the solutions behind it.

Business continuity: Aiding successful disaster recovery with IAAS

As well as offering you a malleable, flexible solution that grows with your business, a strong IAAS can also ensure data security across all of your online platforms. You come into work on monday and you find your building has burned down. Now what? Storing your data with IAAS is an effective way of ensuring that if you suffer a data breach or loss, yours and your clients’ information will remain in safe hands and GDPR compliant. By securing your data with a local third party provider, you can be sure that in the case of a cyber attack on your in-house solutions, IAAS will make sure your infrastructure is not affected in any way.

If your business has multiple systems across several different locations, you could also consider the benefits of using IAAS to implement a single solution. By collecting information from pooled networks, and consolidating it within the cloud, IAAS ensures you can easily keep track of your data, and the access granted to that data. Because of the awareness this gives you, IAAS is able to become a significant and crucial part of your business’s disaster recovery plan.

Cost efficiency: Savings on hardware and traditional equipment

Finally, as well as the multiple business and security benefits noted above, it is important to note the significant financial savings IAAS can bring to your business. Instead of incorporating an uncompromising system into your infrastructure, the inherently flexible nature of IAAS means you will only ever be using the resources your business has a clear need for. It also allows for you to have a monthly operating expense, which for many businesses, is preferable over CapEx expenditures. Rather than investing in a bigger, more complex server and software strategy that you won’t make full use of, or making do with a less expensive solution that you will quickly outgrow, IAAS adapts as you need it to. Ultimately, this means your business won’t have to waste your resources, or your capital, ever again.

At CIS, we ensure that solutions like IAAS work alongside your business, not against it.  Contact us for support that evolves with every step of your digital transformation.


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