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Back to Basics: Seven Reasons to Try a Digital Detox

Feel like it’s time for a digital detox? If you’re one of the 61% of people who say they can’t live without their smartphone, it might be time to log off for a while. We all know that technology is truly a wonderful thing, keeping us better connected than ever before. Despite the many benefits the online world can present for your business, taking some time out with a digital detox could be the step you need to take to regain your perspective, and begin making the most out of technology once again.

Better sleep

Tempted by a digital detox thanks to the lure of a good night’s sleep? Research suggests that excessive screen time actually damages your brain, impacting on your emotional processes and decision making. Implementing a digital detox regime that sees you leave your screens in another room before you go to bed will help you get the eight hours in that you need to wake up refreshed.

Make the most of your technology

The less you have of something, the more you miss it. If you’ve maxed out on too much online time, a digital detox could be the perfect way to get back in touch with the devices you take for granted every day. Rather than surrendering your devices forever, a digital detox allows you simply to detach from being constantly connected, making sure you get the balance right, without saying goodbye to technology for good.

Improve your attention span

When you’ve got multiple apps, emails or even the millions of possibilities that the Internet presents at your fingertips, it can be easy to flit from one task to another, without actually getting anything done. Excessive screen time can limit your attention span, making it tricky to concentrate and connect with the activity you’re doing. Taking time out with a digital detox allows you to build up your focus and concentration skills once again, so when you return to the online world after your digital detox, you can do so much more mindfully.

Create boundaries

Heard of ‘always-on’ culture? Decreasing your digital addiction helps you create boundaries both within your team and with your clients, making sure you can be reached when you need to be, but never all the time. While staying constantly connected definitely has its’ pluses, it’s important that you take time off from the job too. A digital detox gives you the chance to evaluate how often you really need to be in touch with your team, lowering your stress levels, and preventing burnout within your organisation.

Unleash your productivity

Ever lost your train of thought thanks to an unexpected buzz from your smartphone? There’s nothing more distracting than the sight of a million messages piling up in your inbox, especially while you’re in the middle of a conversation. Stepping away from your smartphone through a digital detox helps you stay focused on the project you’re working on, helping your ideas reach full potential, and maximising your productivity in the long run.

Build better relationships

Older generations report their pet peeves with technology being the lack of attention users pay to other people. Undergoing a digital detox could help re-prioritise, making sure you spend enough time with the people in your life, without keeping one eye on your emails. A digital detox effectively removes the temptation of zoning out with a distraction; even leaving your phone behind while you have a quick coffee break at work can help you build stronger, more healthy relationships with your colleagues.

Protect your eyes

Last but not least, spending some time away from the screen can be a great way of relaxing your eyes and improving your eye health. Now the majority of the UK workforce spend their time behind a desk in office jobs, eye strain is becoming more and more of an issue. A digital detox gives you the chance to put the screens away for a while, resting your eyes and preventing blue light from affecting your sight.

And when you’re ready to step back into the digital world…

Here at CIS, we’ve got the digital solutions and services you need to connect on a greater level than ever before. While a digital detox has its’ benefits, there’s no denying that the digital world can help you take both your working life and personal life in your stride. Give us a call to find out more about streamlining your digital data usage to the best advantage.


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