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Vipre: Edge Defence Security Solution

EMAIL IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF SECURITY THREATS to businesses. From malicious attacks, such as spam, phishing, and spoofing, to misaddressed recipients or employee error, email can be an omnipresent threat to any and every business.
That’s why VIPRE Security has created VIPRE Edge Defence. Capable of blocking most malicious email attacks—even advanced zero-day threats—Edge Defence provides world-class training through simulated scenarios to help your employees recognise phishing and other assaults. And with customisable rules for outbound email, you can ensure that sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Email Advanced Threat Protection
Defend employees against the newest, most sophisticated strains of malware, weaponised attachments, and phishing techniques that evade traditional detection.

• Protection from known and emerging email based threats including phishing and attachment protection
• Defends against viruses, malware, spam, bulk mail, phishing, and spoofing with six layers of scanning
• Ransomware and Business Email Compromise protection (BEC)

Email Encryption
Send email safely, and without risk of snooping, to any recipient with full end to end email encryption.

• Secure encryption of email sent to any recipient
• Secure web portal for any recipient that does not have end-to-end email encryption

Security Awareness Training
Education to enhance your employees’ security posture when faced with evolving cyberthreats, 85% of which result from phishing and business e-mail compromise.

• Train employees to be alert and aware of online threats
• Email simulations of the latest phishing and BEC scams
• Regular testing to measure employee knowledge

SafeSend DLP
Prevent misaddressed emails and reduce employee error by scanning and confirming external recipients and email attachments in Microsoft Outlook

• Prevent misaddressed emails and loss of sensitive or proprietary information via email
• Detect keywords, data patterns or attachments containing sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account details and national insurance numbers inside the email body
• Confirm external recipients and attachments in outgoing emails


✔ Reduce business-threatening
downtime due to malware, phishing,
and spam attacks via email

✔ Benefit from always-on email
continuity in case of planned or
unexpected server downtime

✔ Use our 20+ years of machine
learning and behavioural analysis
experience to improve your threat
detection for malicious email

✔ Build a smarter, safer workforce
prepared to recognise cyberattacks

✔ Protect your organisation’s sensitive
data by encrypting, scanning
and validating email recipients

✔ Reduce accidental data loss
through misaddressed email mistakes
and utilise our powerful DLP
engine to scan for sensitive content
in emails before they leave your
users’ inboxes

As your company grows, managing a multitude of security solutions can become daunting—simplify your security stack and provide truly effective protection with VIPRE Edge Defence.

VIPRE is a leading provider of internet security solutions purpose-built to protect businesses, solution providers, and home users from costly and malicious cyber threats. With over twenty years of industry expertise, VIPRE is one of the world’s largest threat intelligence clouds, delivering protection against today’s most aggressive online threats. Our award-winning portfolio includes comprehensive endpoint and email security, along with threat intelligence for real-time malware analysis. VIPRE delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive layered defence through cloud-based security, with mobile interfaces that enable instant threat response.


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