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Lessening the Burden: How Unified Threat Management can improve your working day

Considering implementing Unified Threat Management as a solution to your business’s security needs? As your business grows, spending time tracking down multiple security functions is sure to impact on your team’s productivity levels, which is exactly why making sure your security measures are easily controlled is a great way of streamlining your working day.

So what exactly is Unified Threat Management, and how can implementing it save you time and money in the long run? By consolidating all your functions onto a single device, Unified Threat Management centralises your security, making your systems easily manageable. As well as saving you huge amounts of time, Unified Threat Management has multiple benefits when it comes to your business’s overall efficiency.

Enhanced Security: Consolidating the latest technologies

It’s estimated that 1 in 6 businesses will suffer a data breach in the next 24 months, so the sooner your business is equipped to prevent cyber attacks, the better. With hackers using more sophisticated, blended methods to attack your infrastructure, consolidating multiple security solutions onto one device is one of the most effective steps you can take to prevent cyber attackers from reaching your business in the first place. To make warding off potential hacks a habitual part of your working day, Unified Threat Management draws together security functions from every level of your network. These can be as far ranging as you need them to be; Unified Threat Management can combine next generation firewalls, gateway anti-virus, intrusion detection, integrated endpoint, sandboxing and content filtering. Combining your security features in this way means you can protect your business on multiple levels, across multiple devices, managing threats without the worry of any vulnerabilities being missed.

Using Unified Threat Management in this way also removes the risk of cyber attackers spotting weaknesses between unconnected security solutions. The more security measures you have in place, the harder it is to keep track of how successfully each is doing its job; this gives hackers the chance to take advantage of solutions that aren’t connected. Ultimately, blending your security solutions through Unified Threat Management in this way gives you the best chance to provide your business with watertight, all encompassing security coverage.

Keeping the bigger picture in mind: Aiding your business growth

Perhaps the most wide ranging benefit Unified Threat Management can offer your business is the simplicity it provides from an administrative and financial point of view. Rather than spending time tracking each individual security solution for potential threats, Unified Threat Management allows your team or security staff to easily gather an understanding of your business’s security, and find a solution as quickly as possible.

As well as simplifying your infrastructure in terms of time management, Unified Threat Management is also a great investment that will save you capital and energy costs in the long run. Our leading Unified Threat Management system is cloud-based, instantly saving you costs on expensive physical infrastructure. Consolidating your solutions also consumes less power within your network, and takes up less data storage space. As well as reducing your data storage expense, centralised management significantly reduces your energy output, lessening your business’s carbon footprint. You can find out more about the benefits of moving your systems to the cloud here.

Unified Threat Management can also save on administrative costs. Rather than enlisting several members of security staff to keep track of separate security functions, Unified Threat Management only requires one member of staff to manage the software, leaving the rest of your team free to dedicate their time to growing your business. This means the cost of training staff members on every update to every security function your business needs is dramatically reduced, too.

What are the risks? Understanding the drawbacks of a simplified system

While Unified Threat Management is one of the most efficient ways to streamline your security solutions, a simplified infrastructure doesn’t negate all threats. A Unified Threat Management system is encapsulated within a singular device. Imagine your business is subject to a cyber attack, if your Unified Threat Management system is breached, the risk of your entire security infrastructure being threatened is much higher than if hackers gain access to just one solution that can be managed alone, and therefore separated. However, the enhanced security Unified Threat Management gives you means your business is more protected than ever. Alongside being hosted within a military grade level data centre, thanks to cloud based management, consolidating your security solutions in this manner dramatically reduces the chance of a cyber attack in the first place.

Don’t let your business growth be slowed down by inadequate security systems. At CIS, we offer solutions like Unified Threat Management to prevent threats from reaching your business, rather than leaving you to deal with the aftermath. Take a look at our security solutions for threat management that leaves nothing to chance. 


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