Planning to Perfection: How careful project management can make way for a seamless IT implementation

With any IT installation your team invests in, project management is key to ensuring your investment will be a success in its own right, and will aid your business’s growth. No matter what goal you’re looking to achieve, a carefully thought out and well-executed project management plan can make sure your latest IT installation is a smooth process, and that your team is equipped with the tools they need to make sure your systems stand the test of time.

A true understanding: coaching your team

We know that IT installations can be a tricky thing to get your head around, even with the perfect project management process in place. Introducing training courses, or even simply a regular drop-in session that answers your team’s ongoing issues is a great way to support your project management process as you undergo changes to your IT systems. Training your team on everything from the benefits of your new system to the issues you could potentially come up against will mean your team will come to know every inch of your IT infrastructure as well as they can do, and as soon as possible. Not only does this essential element of project management ensure your team’s productivity levels because of the ease with which they will be able to interact with your new software, it will increase their passion for making the most out of your IT system every day; they’ll enjoy working with the system, rather than dreading using a program or solution which they’re struggling to get to grips with. We offer a range of bespoke training courses that are tailored to your business, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re getting the best out of your infrastructure, and that your project management process is as thorough as is possible.

Keeping the lines open: clear communication

No matter what role you play in your organisation, or whichever industry you’re in, you’ve probably seen how much clear communication can aid both your understanding, and the eventual success of any project you undertake. Whether you’re installing a whole new IT infrastructure or making changes to your existing systems, clear project management will make sure miscommunications don’t impact on how your final IT system performs. Making sure your project management task is informative and comprehensive enough to cover all bases, even when you have a busy working day, will mean your whole team will know not only exactly how your new IT system works, but how they can make the most of it too for the benefit of your operations.

It’s also important to note how vital a clear line of communication between your business and your installation team is in ensuring your project management goes to plan. At CIS, we work hard to understand how you use your current infrastructure before we make changes to it so that your project management focuses on the best possible plan of action for your business.

Staying flexible: leaving room for the unexpected

Successful project management isn’t just based on the level of skill within the team who are installing your new software. With any project you undertake, remaining open to options is key to making sure your operations run smoothly, giving you the chance to rectify potential problems within your IT installation without losing valuable time. One of the best ways to do this is to spend time mapping out a clear timeframe for your project management process to work within, setting specific, measurable goals that give you enough time to implement your installation safely and securely. As well as giving you a clear timeline to work towards, this will also allow you the ability to move past any unforeseen circumstances within your project management schedule.

The test run: leaving nothing to chance

The final step in any successful project management process is the run through: testing your systems for any last minute errors or potential issues before they can affect your business further down the line. At CIS, we recognise how crucial this test run is in making sure that your IT solutions are being used in the best way possible. Through ongoing consultancy and clear advice, our technical team will help you fix any errors, supporting your project management by equipping you with a faultless installation. As well as allowing your system changes to run smoothly, this double-checking will also give you the ability to future proof your project management process, and your business as a whole, by giving you the tools you need to cope with any extra requirements further down the line.

Don’t let confusion with your IT systems let your business lag behind. At CIS, we’ll support you with every step of your project management, making sure that your infrastructure is installed with little fuss and will make a big impact. Contact us for support that goes the extra mile.


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