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Meet the Team – Matt Grantham

We are delighted to present to you another meet the team video!


In this video, we talk to Matt, one of the directors of CIS. Matt has been the operations director since October 2019 and has been with CIS for around 12 years now, starting as a systems engineer back when the office was part of Neill’s (founder) house!


Matt used to be an internal IT technician in Newbury, but he realised that his true calling was in IT consultancy, solving problems and creating proposals to really benefit other companies.


Matt is particularly proud of the customer relationships built in CIS and highlights how much he cares about his customers and improving their IT systems for them. He really takes enjoyment from creating tailored proposals to meet a business’ needs. His personal highlights include working his way up from systems engineer all the way to operations director and mentions that he loves it when he gets referrals from customers as that means they’ve done a really good job and are doing something right.


We asked Matt about his thoughts for the future, particularly given the current COVID-19 situation. He thinks one of the biggest challenges for the future is going to be for businesses to firstly decide whether they need physical premises any more, and if not, to make sure that working from home is safe and secure., for both employers and employees. Within this, Matt is particularly passionate about the need for policies around how and where company data is stored (which may well be on personal machines now).


Thank you Matt for giving us a little insight into your journey with CIS!


You can watch the video interview below:



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