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Meet the Team – Gabriella Procaccini

This week for our “meet the team” series we were joined by Gabriella, operations manager at CIS, where she mostly looks after the helpdesk, processes, procedures, tickets…she does a lot!


In her role, she typically spends her day looking at tickets that need to be assigned to engineers and helping with client-engineer relationships. She also looks after the systems engineers, senior engineers and technical account managers – and generally keeps the CIS engine running smoothly!


That’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy getting stuck in with the more technical side of things – Gabriella joined CIS as a systems engineer herself around 5 years ago and still enjoys working with the engineers on many different problems.


Speaking on the challenges she’s faced given the current climate, Gabriella gives us an insight into the preparations CIS made in advance of being forced to work from home. There was a “test day” before the lockdown was formally imposed where everybody worked from home for the day to see if everything still ran smoothly. Gabriella highlights how when in the office, being in the same room makes working in a team very slick, especially when a particularly big issue arises, and to her it was important to see whether this slickness could still be achieved through virtual means, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp just to name a few. The practice day was very successful and so just before the lockdown was formally imposed (but it was looking imminent), CIS decided to move everyone to working from home. Gabriella felt that because they were prepared, ahead of people absolutely having to work from home, they were in a good place to help their clients once they were told they needed to work from home too.

We asked Gabriella for her best advice to businesses struggling with working from home at the moment – she says it’s really important to support your team, make them feel that they’re still included and focused and that motivation is still high. This pandemic situation has affected absolutely everyone, both personally and professionally, and she believes that the communication element is absolutely key to making your business work during the current climate.

Gabriella wanted to move to CIS because she wanted to be part of a company that gave her room to grow, and she feels that she’s really been able to do that, through extra qualifications and experience she’s had since joining the company. She says herself she didn’t think she’d be so “high up” as she is, but she’s so proud to be in that position and to be making a difference in the day to day running of the company.

Thank you so much Gabriella for joining us for this interview!

You can watch the video interview below:



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