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Implementing PEN Testing: How can the CIS: Cybot Security Appliance help your business to grow?

Unsure how security solutions like PEN testing work to protect your business from harm? Rather than restoring your systems after the damage has been done, PEN testing works to protect your infrastructure from potential threats in the first instance. So how exactly does PEN testing keep your files and folders safe and sound, and how can implementing it secure your business growth for the months and years to come?

Predicting the dangers ahead: So how does PEN testing actually work?

Let’s get the important stuff down first: PEN testing monitors your infrastructure for potential threats, hacking attempts and vulnerabilities in your systems, updating regularly to make sure even the latest cyber attack technologies can’t infiltrate your systems. By alerting you to any vulnerabilities in your systems, PEN testing through the CIS: Cybot Security Appliance gives you the peace of mind that any attacks on your systems can be resolved in the quickest time possible.

The CIS: Cybot Security Appliance works on multiple levels to keep hackers at arm’s length from your business. Think about the websites you use to view information or buy products from; if they aren’t secure, how likely are you to trust the business enough to keep interacting with their website? Operating on multiple levels, PEN testing gives you the ability to protect your business’s front-facing image, building your reputation and securing your client’s trust, all while still ensuring your systems are running free from cyber attacks or viruses. Securing your systems with PEN testing in this way also gives you a head start with your GDPR compliance. The CIS: Cybot Security Appliance sends regular reports on the state of your infrastructure’s security to your team. As well as ensuring you’re always updated on the ins and outs of your business’s security, this reporting is crucial when it comes to proving the steps you take to carry out your compliance. Find out more about securing your reputation with your network security here. 

Automated Security: How can PEN testing save you time?

When you’ve got a busy day and work’s beginning to pile up, it’s easy to push your data security to one side – until an unexpected data breach or cyber attack brings your whole operations to a standstill. PEN testing helps you predict even the unpredictable, managing your security solutions for you. Rather than a member of your team spending time meticulously checking numerous platforms for signs of abnormal activity, PEN testing takes over the process, sounding the alarm only when potential threats are in sight. Automating your security in this way acts as the ultimate time saver, keeping your infrastructure and website completely protected while you focus on growing your business prospects.

Tailoring your IT budget: How PEN testing can help you save on future funds

Here at CIS, we know what a staggering impact unexpected bills and costs can have on your business’s financial growth – and when it comes to your clients’ information, data security simply isn’t something your business can avoid. PEN testing is a great way to alleviate these potential costs. Implementing a security solution like PEN testing helps you cut future costs, simply by preparing your infrastructure to ward off potential threats, instead of being faced with the ruined reputation and huge financial implications that come with a data breach.

As well as mitigating the cost of a future data disaster to come, the CIS: Cybot Cyber Security System PEN testing helps you avoid hidden charges with your security, too. Rather than potentially sky-high costs on an annual basis, PEN testing can be implemented and invoiced on a fixed monthly basis, making sure you never face any nasty surprises when it comes to your final security bill.

A second pair of eyes: Layering your security with PEN testing

How do you make sure your files, folders and customer information are kept safe even when your team clock off for the weekend? PEN testing and the CIS: Cybot Cyber Security System acts as a cyber security agent that never goes off the clock, staying alert even without the need for an administrator. Having a system in place that never defaults on top quality security gives you the ultimate peace of mind, letting you dedicate time to other tasks while you’re safe in the knowledge that your infrastructure is being protected. In addition to this, our PEN testing includes secure remote monitoring by our dedicated professional team. Constant, careful monitoring of your systems in this way makes sure that any threats are recorded and dealt with at the earliest opportunity, minimising damage to your operations as far as possible.

Thinking about scaling up your security systems? Implementing PEN testing through the CIS: Cybot Security Appliance offers your business the ultimate data protection. Find out more about what the CIS: Cybot can do for you here.


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