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Four Reasons Why a VoIP Communication System is Right For Your Business.

In the modern business world, it is unusual for all employees to be situated in one office at all times. Many employers have a more flexible approach to the working environment, and therefore more and more people work remotely – either from other offices or from home.

Although all members of staff are equipped with a laptop and mobile phone to facilitate working in this remote way sometimes it isn’t enough. This is where a VoIP communication system like EVE can benefit your business. Eve brings together all the essentials of modern technology into one easy to use VoIP phone system, which ensures your business is always connected.

Multiple-Site Communication

EVE enables your business to appear connected regardless of how many sites your business is spread across. It’s possible to provide each of your sites, regardless of location, with the area code of your choice. Therefore if your head office is in Leeds, and you have subsidiary offices in Glasgow and Swindon, they can all have numbers with the same area code. To aid communication between your sites for the employees, EVE can also provide short extension numbers meaning calls between sites will be treated as internal and will, therefore, be free.

Call-Centre Functionality

For many businesses there is no dedicated team of call handlers – in fact, the phone may be operated by one person who directs calls, takes messages and fields requests. Now imagine how much easier day-to-day business would be with an automated VoIP Communication System providing call-centre services. This functionality operates Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) which evenly distributes inbound calls to the appropriate queues, recordings or specific members of staff ensuring your clients’ needs are met immediately. Not only do your clients get the answers they require, but employees are not disturbed by calls which are misdirected or could be answered via automated message. Should anyone be unavailable for a call, the caller even has the option to request a callback.

Other functionality includes being able to set up Hunt Groups, and the EVE system can also offer a ring all function, round-robin, and longest waiting service. So essentially, a VoIP Communication System provides you with a virtual call centre team, potentially saves you money and ensures your clients get the help they need.

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Sharing is Caring

With remote or dispersed employees, they must have access to all documentation and information regardless of where they are in the country. EVE offers several systems in one easy to access portal. The Collaboration System provides not only content sharing capability but also a system of task assignment and updating.

To ensure clients and staff are communicating effectively; there are collaborative whiteboard sessions, video conferencing and in-system Chats. EVE is also compatible with CRM systems such as Salesforce and Dynamics, office software such as SKYPE for business and Outlook, it ensures all your client information is easily accessible wherever and whenever it is needed by whoever needs it. For ease of communication with clients, all calls are recorded and stored within the client portal allowing access at the touch of a button for as long as you require.


A VoIP Communication System like EVE is a very cost-effective one for your business. Not only can you guarantee that every client call will be answered in a timely and appropriate fashion, but you know they will also be directed to the most appropriate person or solution for their enquiry. Never lose a client again due to an unanswered call.

Current clients can also guarantee, that due to the shared and integrated systems whoever they speak to from your company will be able to answer their queries effectively as their call and client history will be easily accessible to your staff. EVE effectively offers you a virtual call centre team for considerably less than employing such a team in-house. Your business will be more efficient and will give the appearance to your customers of being well-organised and well-connected regardless of how remote your team may be.


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