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Transforming your Working Day: 5 steps to maintaining a digital workplace

Now that the Internet has become the backbone of the working world, implementing a digital workplace is second nature to almost all of us. As well as making your day to day working life more efficient, upholding a digital workplace that your team feel comfortable and well equipped to operate within will also ensure your business is ready for future changes and improvements to digital technology.

So what exactly is a digital workplace? The more our reliance on online data storage, the Internet and digital communication grows, the less physical your workplace is likely to become. Whereas a traditional office environment might consist of desks and chairs, office cubicles and immovable PCs, a digital workplace implements flexible elements that mean it is far more easily equipped to deal with new working trends, shifting employee expectations and the need for flexibility.

The ultimate connectivity: Revitalising your internal communications

A recent study found that on average, British people check their phones 28 times a day. Staying connected has become one of our biggest priorities – and it’s no different in a digital workplace. Think about how often you and your team collaborate on projects or share files and folders with each other while you’re generating ideas. A digital workplace that has tools and processes in place to keep you constantly connected will enhance both your internal communications and your working relationships outside your team. Let’s say you have regular meetings with a partner company in a different part of the world. Whereas in the past, maintaining constant, clear communication across different time zones may have been tricky, a digital workplace will be equipped with functions like VoIP that make your whole back and forth a lot more simple to manage. You can find out more about VoIP here.

Working towards a digital workplace is a great way of upholding external communications, too. With a digital database that holds your client’s information, as well as the tools you need to sell to them, doing business has never been easier than within a digital workplace.

Learning, rewarding and motivating: Understanding the needs of a tech-educated workforce

The more we use digital technology, the more entwined with our daily lives it becomes – using the Internet is now second nature. In terms of the digital workplace, this means employing staff who have a natural aptitude for technology and the ways it can be used is a great way of future-proofing your business, and preparing it for future changes being made to the digital workplace landscape. The needs of your employees are also changing now a digital workplace is becoming more commonplace in businesses around the world; utilising the trends to your employees’ advantage is a great way of motivating your team, and making sure they are engaged with the work they are doing. One of the most popular benefits employees have noted as being a desirable outcome in their working environment is flexible working; fitting working hours around the other aspects of their lives, rather than being governed by a rigid 9-5 each day. A digital workplace allows your team to take their work home with them, using whatever device they feel most comfortable working on, at whatever time they feel most productive. Digital trends like BYOD are making this kind of flexible working easier than ever before. 

Taking steps to implement a digital workplace means your business environment will become guided by both technology and the individuals that feel most comfortable using that digital technology. This will create an efficient, more flexible and more versatile environment, where your team will ultimately feel more motivated and produce better work.

Keeping Secure: Staying aware of the threats posed by a digital workplace

As with any new movement making its way into your workplace, it’s important to keep an eye on the potential security threats a digital workplace might pose to your business. The majority of digital workplaces will be powered by the cloud; while the benefits of the cloud as a flexible, scalable storage solution cannot be ignored, online data storage is often targeted by cyber attackers looking to steal information. However, with the right security solutions in place, the digital world can be a great tool to move your organisation forward, securing your business continuity. As we become ever more connected to each other, and to new opportunities through the digital world, taking steps towards implementing a digital workplace is a trend that shouldn’t be missed out on.

Don’t let an old-fashioned workplace slow your business growth down. At CIS, we work on making the latest technological trends perfect for everyday use within your digital workplace, meaning you’ll always be one step ahead when it comes to preparing your business for future changes to come. Contact us to streamline your working environment.


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