Going the Long Haul: 5 Ways to Future Proof your Digital Devices

Since smartphones took off in the UK in 2008, we’ve had over ten years of keeping our digital devices close to hand at every opportunity. 95% of people aged 16-24 now own a smartphone, with the Internet becoming ingrained into our daily lives. So how can you make sure your digital devices remain in perfect condition during the next decade?

A Decade of Data Usage: Thinking Digital 

From social networking to a connected commute, it’s fair to say digital devices have been integrated into every aspect of our home and work lives. Now generations have grown up with the Internet, having constant access to a steady stream of information has become more than a luxury, it’s part of our society’s make-up. We now check our smartphones every 12 minutes on average; no matter how you view society’s ramped up data usage, keeping our digital devices working to their best possible capabilities is now more important than ever.

Regular Data Cleanups

In the same way you’d clear out your office when your paperwork’s been piling up, it’s important to have a spring clean of the data clogging up your digital devices. Uninstalling apps you no longer use on your smartphone, clearing the cookies on your laptop or removing old downloaded documents from your desktop are all simple steps you can take to clean up your digital devices. Taking the time to remove unnecessary items from your IT equipment will improve the performance of your digital devices, increasing their battery life and ensuring they run more quickly.

Keep an Eye on your Battery Life

If you travel a lot, use your digital devices on the go, or simply find yourself needing your smartphone on hand at all times, you might find your device’s battery life is taking a beating. Where possible, try not to keep your digital devices plugged in for longer than necessary, and only charge them when they’re completely flat. This will make sure your battery life is conserved for as long as possible, letting you make the most of your digital devices, for as long as possible.

Give your Cables some Care

It’s a good idea to pay proper attention to the cables connecting your digital devices too. We’ve all thrown headphones into our bags only for one earbud to stop working, or held on to a faulty charger for far too long, but did you know frayed cables can actually endanger you and your digital devices? If your computer cable has frayed wires, a short circuit could cook your device’s battery and could even lead to a fire. Avoiding tightly coiling your cables will help you avoid wear and tear, and more importantly, reduce the possibility of a short in the cord.

Don’t Ignore Software Updates 

Ever clicked off automated updates on your work computer when you’ve got a busy day, or left your smartphone ioS update to the very last minute? As tempting as it is to push your software updates to one side, installing the latest developments makes sure your digital devices have access to the very latest cyber security refreshes. Software updates give developers the time to fix the latest and most threatening bugs, and mean your digital devices will always be able to combat critical security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure.

Keeping your Digital Devices Content

You might not expect it to be the case, but your digital devices often react to extreme scenarios in the same way humans do: by not behaving quite as comfortably or as normally as you would expect them to. If you’ve experienced some super cold or red hot temperatures lately, you might have noticed that your digital devices’ batteries aren’t lasting as long as they usually do, or are shutting down at a moment’s notice. Keeping your smartphone or laptop at room temperature whenever possible will make sure your digital devices are always working at full capacity.

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