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The Need for Speed: 3 types of communications software that can boost your business

As a business owner, you’ll know just how much the success of your day to day working life relies on clear communications. With the onset of social media, collaborating with your staff and customers has never been so easy – but it’s safe to say communicating online comes with risks and challenges that your business might not have dealt with before. So how can your communications be incorporated securely into your digital workspace, while still allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition?

Revolutionising the working world: How communications are taking centre stage

As the demands of the working world change, it’s important that your business stays ahead of the trends in order to keep both your team and your customers happy. One of the biggest demands of the last few years has been the advent of flexible working, enabling employees to work the hours in which they’re most productive, and connect to their team from wherever they’re based. This, combined with consumers’ needs for prompt replies to their queries, and the reliance many of us place on social media, makes communications one of the most crucial elements of your business model. Over 2 billion people use the Internet daily; your target audience is waiting for you to connect to them through instant, effective communications, which in turn means your business has the opportunity to grow.

Unified Communications: Consolidating your communications

As your digital footprint grows, it’s likely that your online presence will be spread across a whole range of platforms and software, increasing the number of platforms your customers can reach you on. Keeping track of multiple platforms while answering customer queries as efficiently as possible can be tricky when your business is growing quickly; that’s where Unified Communications can become an essential tool. Unified Communications allows users to move seamlessly between communications options, from traditional fixed-line telephony or 3-way calls to messaging and social media platforms. This range of communications tools makes this solution perfect for moving your business forward into a more flexible age. As adaptable working hours become the norm for many organisations, having the ability to keep in touch with your colleagues at all times is vital for a smooth working day to take place.

Additionally, the potential for versatility that Unified Communications has as a cloud-based platform should not be underplayed. Placing all of your communications tools within one platform is a cost-effective way of staying connected; a single provider means centrally stored information, and only one communications bill per month.

VoIP: Staying constantly connected

One of the most efficient ways to enhance your communications across any device, within any time zone is through VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP ensures your team remains connected no matter where they are by converting traditional analogue calls into digital information, meaning your team can be easily reached across any broadband connection. Similarly to Unified Communications, VoIP is a great tool when it comes to making flexible communications a common feature within your working day. As your business expands, it’s likely you and your team will be on the move too. Having the ability to forward missed calls from the office to your personal mobile, or conference call multiple users at the touch of a button allows you to strategise your calls and communications with the ultimate ease. Rather than being tied down by a landline, VoIP allows your calls to reach you and your team directly, wherever you happen to be based.

Find out more about the benefits of VoIP here.

CIS Mail365: Increasing your team’s productivity

We all know how much time sending, replying and forwarding emails can take out of the working day. Rather than traditional email systems that can be prone to unreliable mailboxes and slow communications, CIS Mail365 makes use of Microsoft Exchange in order to provide a comprehensive email experience across all your devices. As well as ensuring you have enhanced archiving and security, the bigger, more secure mailboxes CIS Mail365 incorporates make your email communications a smooth a process as possible. It’s easy to push IT security issues to one side when you’ve got a busy day; with top security, Mail 365 takes the time spent resolving potential problems out of your hands, by hosting your mailbox within a military-grade data centre. Features like this are key to ensuring your communications are always online, meaning you’ll never miss out on important information or keep your customers waiting.

Ready to take charge of your digital communications? At CIS, we focus on cost-effective solutions that bring out the best in your organisation, allowing you to conduct your business with ease every day. Contact us to enhance your communications across every platform you use.


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